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Rated R – for Raymmar

I have been blogging on Raymmar.com for about a year now and the last 6 months have absolutely unreal. The site and my words have reached more than 2 million people over the last few months and I even got picked up by the Huffington Post last month.

For a while now I had been thinking about podcasting so… I did. much like when I started making my video rants, this is just another opportunity for me to share my message across multiple channels. An opportunity for me to get more intimate with my audience and really give them a chance to get to know me.

I think as people get to know that I am just a regular guy trying to make sense of the crazy world we live in, that the power of my message will be multiplied. Thanks so much for your continued support and I look forward to where this road leads.

What’s In This Podcast?

I introduce my concept and talk about some recent experiences with religion, business and introduce my sales theory.

You find out that I smoke pot in this podcast and I am not really ashamed of that. I am sure we will dive into it further down the road.

You get a taste of my religious views although I am not happy with the way I described them as I listened to it after recording. The wonder of live recording.

I will definitely be getting into my religious views as well as a number of other controversial topics in more details as the podcast moves forward and I look forward to having some debates with people across many different view points.

This Is Just The Beginning

I know not many people will listen to this first podcast but over time it will definitely grow. Much like my blog and my videos, it has to start somewhere.

Love it or hate it, here it is. Let me know what you think in the comments. Also, feel free to leave suggestions for topics of other podcasts.


I'm just a guy, trying to do a thing. About me

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    • Raymmar Tirado
      Raymmar Tirado says:

      Lol. The rest of them get better and I just started reading the book. I will do each chapter as a podcast and then break the concepts I talk about down further in an open discussion of the chapter. Looking forward to it actually. Force me to think about each chapter and maybe the spontaneity of the recording will spur some new ways of thinking about the concepts which will help me explain them better moving forward.

      This theory is young and will evolve as I do. But like the rest of it, it is just waiting to be discovered on a large scale.


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