Is Bitcoin Over? – IRS To Tax Bitcoin as Property; and Other Shi#! [podcast]

Uncensored – NSFW

Red is back to talk to us about the IRS and their recent ruling on Virtual Currencies.

Wait… how can you call it a currency in the press release and then say that it is not a currency?

On this episode of RayDO we explore the government and their ever growing quest for power and control. In their most recent move, the IRS ruled that virtual currencies will be taxed as property as opposed to taxing it as a cash equivalent transaction.

Bitcoin values dropped substantially and at the time this article was published was trading at about $571USD per Bitcoin. Bitcoin has seen a huge fluctuation in value over the past 30 days ranging from $1,200 per coin to where it currently sits close to the its 30 day low.

Before we got too far in, Red was asking me about my video on racism, Nigga Please that went viral, although in the podcast, I never mentioned the final view count. It currently has more than 300K views and still going. Facebook tried to shut it down but we got it back up.

We also dive into a taste of immigration and why it is holding the country back, I talk about my time on unemployment and struggling for things to eat. I even talk about the  current potential for financial instability as I sacrifice to build something from the ground up.

Finally I tease a new series of podcast about sales and my theory on how sales and life are interconnected. This series will be launching soon and you should definitely subscribe to our sales circle to make sure you don’t miss a thing.

Join me as I get this thing off the ground. Grab these podcasts on Stitcher and iTunes to make it easier to grab us on the run.



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