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How NOT To Pick Up a Girl At A Bar

Let’s face it, we have all been “That Guy” once or twice throughout the years.

No, I Have Not Lost My Path

For those of you who are loyal subscribers, wondering what the heck I am up to; I want to make sure you know that I am still the same guy that made all the video’s before this. If you want to get on me for being a sell out then you didn’t really know me to begin with. I suggest you read more about me and who I am before you start getting all bent out of shape.


My most recent video takes you on a journey through a night in the life of “That Guy”. A lost soul in the dating world who is continually rejected by the women he approaches. More often than not, because of his own doing.


I did this video for a few different reasons

  1. To reach a new audience. I have no desire to preach to the choir. People pretend to know me because they see a video or two but I am a complex cookie. One with many different ingredients. I am looking to reach out to a whole new audience and in order to do that I have to find interesting ways of getting eyes to my website. If you really feel I betrayed my loyalties then by all means, tell me how you really feel in the comments below.
  2. To challenge myself creatively. Coming up with and executing a shoot like this is something I had never done. I wanted to push the limits of my video production skills and see if I could take such a complex story from my mind and tell it visually through video. It is now up to you to let me know how I did.
  3. To tell a funny story. Someone asked me where the inspiration for this video came from and I laughed as I replied “It’s my life”. Anyone who has ever tried to pick up a girl at a bar should be able to relate to one thing or another in this video and has more likely than not been “That Guy” at least once.
  4. To promote my book. I wrote a book about sales! I break down the sales process and show you how each component relates to things you already know about the world around you. I think that by understanding the sales process and how it relates to the world around you, you can do more, achieve more and be more of whatever makes you – you.
  5. To have fun. Mostly we did this project because it was a ton of fun. I had an idea and asked a few friends if they wanted to help and they did. I would like to take all the credit but there were  lot of talented people involved with pulling this off. Basically it was just a bunch of us creative types trying to leave our mark on the world we live in. Hopefully you have half as much fun watching it as we did making it.

How Do I Feel About It?

The final cut of this video looks nothing like what I envisioned in my head or even what I thought we would end up with after a night of filming. I had a basic idea of the story I wanted to tell but we had no formal script or game plan for how to shoot it. I am extreemely happy with the final video although it is not quite what I was looking for. This is not a bad thing though as I will just have to try harder on the next project and keep trying until I get it right.

I do however like how this turned out and I feel the video has a very cinematic feel to it. Mostly because of Tyler McCool and his eye for beautiful shots but through the editing of the video itself. I wanted to shoot this with no dialogue as part of my personal challenge  to test my story telling, acting and directing abilities. I think we did a good job considering this could have easily turned into a very cheesy, staged bar pick-up video. No matter what I know you all will let me know where I messed up or could have done it better. I look forward to hearing from you in the comments.

Don’t Dry Hump the Field

My first infographic highlighted the parallels between getting past the gatekeeper in a sales situation and picking up a girl at a bar. I guess you could say that this video is really just a continuation of that thought process, and a further exploration of the creative process. I think everyone should push themselves and their art to its limits. Do not be afraid to step out on a limb and make sure you don’t just walk up to a random girl and smack her on the ass!

Your Whole Life is a Lie

I am always amazed at the different parallels that can be drawn between everyday life and the sales process. So many times people become their own worst enemy when it comes to getting what they want. Picking up a girl and selling a car works pretty much the same way. When you understand that at its core, it is all about building relationships, some short, some long, then you can focus less on making each individual sale and focus instead on how and why people react the way they do. Once you understand them you can then begin to influence them and become immune to their effects on you. It is at this point when you can begin to do whatever you want in life and truly start to live freely. I only ask you use your super powers for good and not evil.

The title of my book says it all. Sales Li(f)e. The “f” in parenthesis because if you remove it the title becomes sales lie. The entire premise of the book is to expose the world of sales around you by showing you that everything in life is a sale and can therefore be affected by using certain triggers that all humans are susceptible to. It’s not  a foolproof plan and it is not intended to teach you how to manipulate people but if you let it, it might just change the way you think about the world around you. Go ahead, get your free copy today.

What Comes Next?

“Who knows!” – I have a ton of stories and ideas floating around this hard head of mine. I will keep telling the ones that I think are relevant in the moment and that can deliver the most bang for the buck. Not to mention making sure I can afford the things I do as I do them. I am doing these things with absolutely no production budget whatsoever. If you want to hire me and help bankroll some of these projects the please, by all means.

I will however, promise to keep pushing the limits and always try to deliver awesome content. I do have a living to make and clients to keep happy as well as running a number of online web properties and staying active in my local community. I will publish as often as possible but never just to say I did. I try to post only when I have something that I think is worthy of your time. This is my simple promise to you.

If I have something to say or a story to tell then I will try to tell it in the most compelling way possible. That being said, I think this could be the beginning of a series of videos featuring “That Guy”. I can see us taking this show to a number of different settings and locations and coming up with all sorts of different stories to tell with this character. Feel free to leave a suggestion for the “That Guy” character or any other video suggestions for that matter, in the comment section below.

Thank You – Thank You

A Huge Thank You to everyone who made this video possible

LocationJakes Tavern Sarasota – For letting us take over the bar and for picking up the first round.

Camera 1 Tyler McCool –  You did it again with your camera magic!

Camera 2 Jeremiah Smith – Great job on Cam 2 loved the shots you took of the dance scene.

GirlSamantha Seman For your unexpected star role in this video, you were awesome.

That Guy 1Raymmar Tirado – Got to give myself a little pat on the back for this one.

That Guy 2Matt Sheils – That Wingman! Thanks for helping plan and pull off the whole shoot

That Guy 3Andy Naylor – Thanks for helping me get all the waivers signed and helping me stay organized

That Guy 4Jon Pierce – For wearing sunglasses inside a bar! You rock!

MusicHard Times by Baby Huey – I had no idea how this was all going to come together until I heard this song and then the video just edited itself

That Guy Logo – Kyle Cross and Raymmar Tirado – Metroviking.com – Kyle, your art is awesome. Thanks for collaborating with me on this video.

T-shirts – Jacob Jock – JJ Custom Screen Printing – For turning the shirts around in less than 24 hrs.

All the extras – To everyone who showed up or signed a waiver to let us use your face in this video, much love for helping me pull this off and I hope to see you at the next shoot.

And last but not least, to Meghan Schell who took 8 stitches to the thumb when she fell filming the last scene of this video. You were amazing and thanks for being a good sport.

As for the rest of you! Don’t be “That Guy”! Leave your thoughts, or “That Guy” story suggestions in the comments below.

Interested in a “That Guy” T-shirt? Leave me your email below. If there is enough demand then I will make them available for sale online.

Your Life is a lie master



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  1. Tess
    Tess says:

    Is the part at the end where he puts something in her drink supposed to be funny? Because that’s pretty gross. It’s actually perpetuating the problem if you’re getting people to laugh at it.

    • Raymmar
      Raymmar says:

      I recently had quite the argument with some friends about this. It was not my intention to promote that type of behavior. This was intended to be a satirical take on some socially awkward interactions.
      I get the sensitivity to the issue but I am merely sparking thought, pushing the limits of acceptability and attempting to poke fun at the things we all seem to consider socially acceptable.
      It is no different that a stand up comedian, Hollywood movie or some song you might hear on the radio. Sometimes you appreciate the art an other times you don’t but that’s the beauty of art.
      Thanks for letting me know how you feel though. I appreciate your perspective.

    • Raymmar
      Raymmar says:

      “Holy blast from the past batman.” Dude, if this is the Devin that took a beer bottle to the face with me at Lido’s please contact me through the hire me page to send me a message. Just click on the I’m just trying to send you a message option from the drop down.



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