The Rundown #1: Power, Motivation & War

On this episode of the rundown:

We discuss the power you possess as an individual and citizen of the United States. We talk about the responsibility that comes with living in a free country and why it is important that you claim your individual superpower.

Then we dive into the power of motivation. What it is, and where to find it. And more specifically, where not to find it.

We’ll wrap it up with how the path we’re on might be leading us as a society to a global war and whether or not you think we can ever come together to actually solve the problems we’re facing as an entire species.

Too much to talk about and not enough time so lets get started.

What is the Raymmar Rundown?

The rundown is an audio recap of popular articles from I break down the articles and throw in some commentary about how they relate to every day life and put those concepts into context as they relates to current events. Learn more

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