Updated: 5/13/2015

I have written a few other articles on the topic of homosexuality that should be mentioned if you are finding this article after I initially published it. My ideology has changed, and evolved over time, and I leave these posts live on the internet so that people can also see the evolution of that thought process.

Please read this before going all nuts on me in the comments.

Why I am supporting a gay rights/equality event!

The Intolerance Of The Tolerant. My Take On Gay Marriage (updated)

Original article:

How come the people who claim to be tolerant are often the least tolerant of ideas not in line with their own?

Gay marriage is a pretty hot topic right now and it got me wondering, how come people automatically assume you are a bigoted racist, bible-thumping homophobe, just because you disagree with their position or viewpoint on the topic of gay marriage? It’s almost impossible to have an honest dialogue on the topic because you are instantly attacked for not agreeing with their position on a highly controversial topic.

That being said, I have a little different take on the topic and since I love a good controversy I’m gonna drop my two cents on this whole gay marriage debate.

My take on homosexuality

I struggle with whether or not it is something you are born with or if it is a choice you make. Part of me wonders if the desperation to fit in can at times influence someone’s sexuality. I don’t know about these things because it is impossible to have these conversations or ask these questions without worrying about being labeled as an intolerant ass hole!

That being said, I couldn’t care less if someone is gay or not. I think the most amazing part of living in America is that people are able to live whatever lifestyle they want. I have many gay friends and none of them would tell you that I am an intolerant, bigot who wants to “convert” them to normal. I actually don’t know how they think I think of them. Maybe that is the purpose for this article, to open doors and spark civil conversation on a topic that is often everything but that.

Why give more power to the government?

What the hell are we doing giving the government more control of our lives. Marriage was never something that had to be sanctioned by the government. For some reason as a people we feel that only the government can tell us what we can and cannot do. I understand the desire to be recognized legally for the purpose of tax savings, medical benefits, financial dealings and on and on but why must the federal government be the one to make this decision.

Why do the same people who pretend to be “liberal” give up all of their liberties by supporting an overreaching government. Why should the government be involved in anything that happens inside the confines of your domicile, let alone inside of your bedroom. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t support a tyrannical government, dedicated to maintaining a stranglehold on the rights of an individual and then expect to have the freedom to live your life as you please.

Why is the word “Marriage” so important?

Seriously, the gay community is supposedly so creative and different yet they want to claim the word marriage for themselves. Marriage is just a word. Why not come up with your own word, your own term for the unification of two people from the same sex? Come on, you mean to tell me that you need to be recognized as being “married” in order to be happy? Why the desire to fit in with this term when so much else is done to subvert culture and stand out in other aspects of your life?

How dare you compare this debate to the civil rights movement?

This might be the most absurd part of this whole debate. To even pretend like this is on the same page as slavery in America is just deplorable. No one has ever been enslaved because of their homosexuality or segregated for their beliefs. This is not the middle east where they stone homosexuals and require women to cover their bodies in public.

To even draw those comparisons diminishes your argument for equal consideration purely on the premise of its ignorance as a point of contention.

Let’s get real about true tolerance

Don’t get me wrong, I know there are legal terms and definitions that would need to be addressed and I am all for equal rights to gay and lesbian couples when it comes to financial and other commitments but why the attack on the word marriage? Why the desire to vilify those that value the sanctity of the word as it has been defined for so long. I get that there are “bible thumpers” out there and that bigotry and hatred abound but why are all people who defend the accepted definition of this term made out to be guilty by association?

Why is it that those who claim to be the most tolerant always become intolerant of those who disagree with their positions? Why must I hate you because I do not support your lifestyle? Why must I be evil because I believe something that is in direct contradiction of your lifestyle? How come we can’t agree to disagree and understand that I still value your life and standing as a human?

True tolerance is what America was founded on and why we flourished as a nation. We are all able to coexist understanding that there are different personalities, religions, races, and yes, even sexuality. Have we made mistakes in the treatment of people in our past? You bet your ass, but we have moved on and still became the most powerful nation on earth. I get sick and tired of being labeled as intolerant by the people who wont tolerate the fact that someone disagrees with their opinion or viewpoint. Why aren’t you the intolerant one? Why is it me who is out of line for challenging you and not you for challenging me?

We can still be friends!

I have no hatred in my heart for any man or woman, (unless you are trying to destroy this country or clammer for communism but that is for another article) so please don’t call me intolerant or a bigot when I disagree with you. I have my beliefs and you have yours. I would love to have a level headed debate or discussion on any number of topics with you. I know not everyone is like me and some people might deserve the stereotype but give us the benefit of the doubt before calling us out.

Make an attempt to live up to the tolerance you espouse by tolerating my perspective. By understanding that we can disagree and still be friends. That just because I do not agree with your lifestyle means I don’t support parts of your cause or  would be willing to hear you out and stand by your side.

I am only intolerant of the people who are intolerant of my beliefs. Otherwise, we can still be friends. Call me maybe!

I would love to hear your position. Am I way off base? Do you agree? Leave your thoughts in the comments section.