30 DoT Creative Prompts

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Day 1 – History

Day 2 – Time

Day 3 – Lies

Have your work featured on Raymmar.com

Part of this process is to help you build your online brand and overall web authority. So we’ll be featuring the best 30DoT submissions on Raymmar.com as well as through our distributed social network.

Day 4 – Life

Day 5 – Love

Day 6 – Learn

Start your own blog

Last year many of you asked me how you could start building your own blog. This year, we will be giving all 30DoT contributors access to our new publishing platform which means anyone can start their own blog without any of the heartache that usually comes with that process.

Day 7 – Play

Day 8 – Win

Day 9 – Lose

Connect with other independent thinkers

Part of this challenge is helping connect as a community of independent thinkers. The challenge is 30 days, but we hope to build relationships that will last for years to come.

Day 10 – Work

Day 11 – Business

Day 12 – Sales

Reach a new audience

Standing out online is hard. This challenge will help you expose your work to a whole new audience. Together we become way more powerful than any of us could be on our own.

Day 13 – Politics

Day 14 – Money

Day 15 – Control

Challenge your creative thought process

Many of these ideas are subjective. Which means there will be a variety of conflicting opinions. Part of this challenge is to help people understand that we can all disagree and still get along.

Day 16 – Religion

Day 17 – Sex

Day 18 – Drugs

Organize your thoughts

Over the last 8 years, writing has allowed me to organize my thoughts in a way that other people can enjoy and appreciate them. That process has given me a platform to share those thoughts and ideas with the world. My goal for this challenge is to help you do the same thing.

Day 19 – Addiction

Day 20 – Art

Day 21 – Failure

Set yourself free

Sharing my unique thoughts and ideas online has empowered me to become my own boss and that is something I am passionate about sharing with others. If you want to learn how you can leverage your story to stand out online and become your own boss, then this is the challenge for you.

Day 22 – Family

Day 23 – Friends

Day 24 – Commitment

Inspire others

There is nothing more rewarding than having one of your peers tell you how much your work has inspired them. Sharing your thoughts over the course of this challenge might just inspire the people around you to empower themselves.

Day 25 – Forgiveness

Day 26 – Starting Over

Day 27 – Weakness

Help us change the world

I know it’s a little cliche, but we are trying to fundamentally flip the world of sales and advertising on it’s head. That starts with shifting the focus back to people, not products.

Day 28 – Strength

Day 29 – Acceptance

Day30 – Death & The Unknown