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Online Shopping Vs Total Consumer Spending

June 3, 2018/by Raymmar

Restoring Trust in Media

May 21, 2018/by Raymmar

WordCamp Miami 2018 with Matt Mullenweg [New Videos]

March 18, 2018/by Raymmar

My coverage of the Sarasota Bayfront redevelopment process

October 5, 2017/by Raymmar

We Survived Hurricane Irma

September 11, 2017/by Raymmar

Religious Hypocrisy – The Slippery Slope of Sexuality

June 12, 2016/by Raymmar

Building Community, Online & Off. With Alison Foxall

May 31, 2016/by Raymmar

WordPress Vs Squarespace with Sean Smith

April 28, 2016/by Raymmar

Start Here – Everything you need to know about Raymmar.com

April 17, 2016/by Raymmar

How Dealers United Is Using WordPress to Run A Multi-Million Dollar Online Business

March 30, 2016/by Raymmar

Will I Ever Have To Teach My Kids How To Drive?

March 3, 2016/by Raymmar

Homeless Guy In Sarasota Practices Piano Instead of Panhandling

February 29, 2016/by Raymmar

Raymmar & Chill – Lots of New Videos!

February 29, 2016/by Raymmar

Calling all Creatives in Sarasota

February 25, 2016/by Raymmar

Mason James on Making Money With WordPress

February 24, 2016/by Raymmar

Does America Deserve Donald Trump?

February 18, 2016/by Raymmar

What It Means to Be Unhireable

February 15, 2016/by Raymmar

Five Things I Learned From F**king Up My First Live Podcast

February 9, 2016/by Raymmar

Young Professionals Speak Out About Affordable Housing in Sarasota

February 3, 2016/by Raymmar

Will Humans Soon Control Their Own Evolution? [video]

October 30, 2014/by Raymmar

13 YouTube Channels That Will Make You Instantly Smarter

October 6, 2014/by Raymmar

Proof That Facebook is Fucking With Us Again

October 3, 2014/by Raymmar

Global Reset – The Road to World War III

August 27, 2014/by Raymmar

An Inspirational Illusion; The Art of Hard Work

July 23, 2014/by Raymmar

Understand Bitcoin: How To Print Money And Not End Up In Prison

May 16, 2014/by Raymmar

United States of Failure – How To Collapse A Country

March 3, 2014/by Raymmar

This Video From UpWorthy Exposes A Cobweb Of Communism In America

February 24, 2014/by Raymmar

Inside The Helmet: Christy Conner [Video]

February 20, 2014/by Tyler McCool

An Open Letter To All Elected Officials

October 15, 2013/by Raymmar

Debt Limit for Dummies – I Just Want To Buy More Stuff.

September 27, 2013/by Raymmar

Racism In America!

August 26, 2013/by Raymmar

America is On Fire – Introducing Raymmar’s Rants

July 8, 2013/by Raymmar