The Choice We Face

I’m on a mission to fundamentally change the way we distribute and monetize digital content online.

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Some people call me unreasonable

I agree.

“To follow the path that others have laid before you is a reasonable course of action. Therefore all progress is made by unreasonable men.”

– George Bernard Shaw | Steve Jobs –

My world falls apart

August 20, 2008

In 2008 my life fell apart along with the American economy. I lost my six figure sales job, found out my wife was cheating on me, was forced to move into my mom’s basement, and eventually became a blogger.

I know… Totally cliche…

Within 6 months my world had been flipped on its head. I had the skills I needed to succeed at the jobs I wanted, but on paper I was a job-jumping college dropout who was seemingly unhireable. So instead of settling for another job I knew I’d hate, I set out to create the perfect job for myself. is launched

March 9, 2012

It took almost five years to get back on my feet. I wasn’t sure where the road I was on would lead me but I had big dreams, nothing to lose, and a seemingly unlimited supply of stubborn determination. I started this blog along the way to share parts of my journey publicly.

The things I learned along the way laid the foundation for ray-d-o, our new social publishing platform.

The first client

May 17, 2012

In May of 2012 I landed my first consulting client. The gig was mostly low level design work, website and social media management, along with a few other misc odds and ends.

The first redesign

August 17, 2012

As an artist, I was shocked when a few friends told me they would no longer visit my blog. Apparently the design was so bad it hurt their eyes.

This is when I dedicated myself to building something beautiful online.

I began experimenting with the look and feel of the website, learned WordPress, studied how search engines work, wrote about web marketing, and explored different digital content distribution strategies online. It was the first in a series of redesigns and overhauls that continue to this day.

The first video

April 19, 2013

With money tight and uncertainty high, I was faced with the failure of a number of long term relationships. While this video is less polished than the videos we’re producing now, the message still resonates and serves as a reminder to the huge leap of faith it takes to expose your inner thoughts publicly for all to critique.

The first viral surge

January 15, 2014

The first viral surge

A number of my posts go viral and make a splash nationally. Then this post is featured on the homepage of the Huffington Post, Elite Daily, and other nationally relevant websites which drove millions of pageviews to my website and social properties. Today we interact with 30-50K unique visitors each month, and our distributed network is growing steadily.

An introduction to the blockchain

May 8, 2014

This video was my first deep dive into cryptocurrencies and the blockchain as a disruptive technology in the financial sector. It would open my eyes to the future of money, digital commerce, and reinforced my vision of a new model for online advertising. I would eventually land a contract with a local bitcoin startup and come to love everything about this new and revolutionary technology.

This will become relevant as you learn more about our vision for a online currency backed by creativity and online influence. You can learn more about in the last entry on this timeline.

Realizing the system is broken

May 31, 2014

After 6 months and more than 4 million page views, I now had some online credibility. However, I quickly realized that clout doesn’t pay the bills. I soon started to grow frustrated with the lack of options available to monetize my online content.

What I realized is that the way we distribute content online, and more importantly, how we compensate people for the digital content they create, is broken at the core. It became apparent that in order for anything to change, we (creators) would need to demand that the incentive structures around online publishing be changed fundamentally.

The idea takes shape

June 19, 2014

The idea takes shape

After learning more about how the online content distribution and advertising machines work, I started to experiment with ways we could use the open nature of the internet to empower independent content creators and disrupt the world of online publishing.

The overarching goal would be to shift the incentive structures in digital publishing away from traditional advertising mechanisms, and instead use those dollars to pay creators based on the quality of the content they create, as well as the overall value they bring to the community through their digital contributions. In the process, we’re hoping to validate a new model for how commerce and advertising can work online.

In June of 2014 I began meeting with software developers to talk about how to turn my ambitious ideas into a functional digital product.

Funding for phase 1 acquired

November 5, 2015

Funding for phase 1 acquired

After months of negotiations and interviews with different investors I joined forces with Clear Idea Labs to begin designing the architecture for a new social publishing platform and launched (pronounced ray-d-o) as a Delaware registered LLC.

Launch the Sarasota Underground

March 14, 2016

Launch the Sarasota Underground

After realizing my website traffic was competing with many of the media companies here in Sarasota, I decided to separate the Sarasota based content I was creating from my personal blog and start a new Sarasota focused web property.

Since then we’ve used technology and new media to make a significant impact on our local community and continue to work towards validating new models for how to pay creatives for the work they do online.

We collaborate with superstars

December 17, 2016

We collaborate with superstars

In December and January we were invited to participate in two major collaborations.

The first was in collaboration with iHeartMedia and Sony Red, where we spent 6 hours backstage with pop singer DAYA to produce a number of social, internal, and public facing videos.

The second collaboration was with Semkhor productions and Ringling College of Art & Design. We followed Ethan Hawke on a private tour of the university and had Ethan read a script I wrote about the state of filmmaking in Florida.

Explore our coverage of Ethan Hawke in Sarasota here.

We activate the local community

February 15, 2017

We think it’s important to connect as a local community. Actually, our entire strategy revolves around using technology to help real world networks of people amplify their digital reach.

With 435 attendees and 7 candidates for city commission, the town hall was a major step in our efforts to creatively connect Sarasota through local advocacy and public awareness for community issues that are relevant to our target demographic. It also served as a notice to the community that there is a new player in town. alpha launch

May 18, 2017 alpha launch

We launch the first phase (alpha) of

Run out of $$$ and learn how to become self sufficient

December 1, 2017

After months of technical difficulties and struggling to keep the platform operational at scale, we ran out of funding and decided to cut ties with our development team. This forced us to find creative ways to generate cash in order to pay the bills and kick-started our agency operations.

Open a new studio downtown Sarasota

January 1, 2018

As part of a new collaboration with Bold Cowork Sarasota, we moved our entire operation into the Bold Building downtown Sarasota. The new space puts us in the center of an emerging tech community and allows us to expand video and web services as we reassess our grand strategy of using technology to connect a larger community.

Our first studio inside our founders apartment

Our first studio inside our founders apartment

We dive headfirst into the #nocode movement

November 12, 2019

I spend the better part of 2018 and 2019 learning #nocode tools, producing corporate videos, and refining my skills in Web design. Over that same time I got involved in the Webflow community, and started building relationships with other creators across Twitter.

In November of 2019 I went out to #NoCodeConf in San Francisco to network in person with all of the folks I had been building relationships with online. I also got a chance to go behind the scenes at Webflow HQ and learn more about their long term vision.

Nocode.Video, CloneComp & More

May 1, 2020

I’ve spent the last few years focused on building local community. This year I spent my time focused on building online community and exploring ways to leverage our video and creative talent inside of the nocode space.

I launch, a YouTube Clone which anyone can replicate and use for themselves, along with dozens of other cloneable projects. In fact, I see so much value in cloneable designs that I organize CloneComp, a three day Webflow hackathon.

#CloneComp generates interest from the top players in the nocode space. We received 106 submissions from all over the world and awarded almost $8,000 in total prizes. The submissions were amazing and pushed the limits of what you can build in Webflow.

Explore some of the submissions below.

Telling the No-code Story

August 12, 2020

We’re working on creative ways to connect the no-code community while telling the story of the makers behind the movement.

Everything up to this point has been preparing me for what comes next and it may not be the original vision I had when I started down this road, but things are really starting to get interesting and the next couple years are going to be full of creative projects and interesting announcements.

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“A smart man learns how to control his mind, a genius is controlled by it!”

– Albert Einstein –

“What good fortune for governments, that men do not think…”

– Adolf Hitler –

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, concerned citizens can change the world. In fact, it is the only thing that ever has.”

– Margaret Mead –

What people are saying about my work.

Raymmar is by far the most creative, out of the box thinker I know, and you can always count on him to give it to you straight. His concepts and ideas are in a league of their own and his dedication to innovation is unmatched. I’d recommend Raymmar to any progressive, forward thinking organization that’s looking to take their product or service to a level they’ve never imagined. Raymmar is a rising star

We’ve sought Raymmar’s insight on our product on multiple occasions, and he’s helped us gain a much deeper insight into the challenges and tactics used by content creators and marketers on the front lines. With his input, we’re building an immediately useful analytics tool to help bloggers increase their engagement.

“Raymmar not only presents some very thought provoking challenges to his readers, but provides personal, real life experiences that most of his audience can relate too… He is simply a kick ass, candid, intelligent challenger! We need more of his type of reporting/writing!”

“Great website! Always interesting, sometimes controversial, occasionally funny, definitely educational, often motivating, and refreshing compared to typical websites.”

I love your overall outlook and advice on life…. I also appreciate your perspective on politics because it’s not a subject I’m strong in, or better yet – interested in – until you… put them into a new light for me. As a whole – enlightens me in more than one way and I can’t get enough!

Raymmar is one of the most creative and passionate minds I’ve had the chance to know. If you put him behind your brand and give him some creative freedom he’ll get you noticed and drive traffic to your goals. I’m convinced he’ll never stop striving to be bigger and better and that’s ultimately what you want behind a growing brand no matter what size.

Raymmar is one of a kind. He has the ability to start any project from scratch, mount up creative ideas for any client all while maintaining his own brand. Raymmar works tirelessly, is a solid networker and someone you want to meet at least twice in your lifetime. He is someone I would recommend for creative services, branding, marketing and sales consulting!

Raymmar gave me the information I have used to build my organic search traffic to over 1,500 unique views per month in less than 6 months! He inspired me to create a better business system based on what I was already doing. I am grateful for all the blessings I have received since getting to know Raymmar!

“Raymmar provides a fresh perspective and creative insight to online marketing. Not your average blah-blah-seo-optimization-blah-blah posts, along with a few personal, off-topic rants keep it all interesting and entertaining! Great stuff!”

If you’re desperate to fit in this is not the place to go, however, if you want to bounce your own thoughts off other like minded people and look at stuff from a different perspective it definitely is. 

I will recklessly abandon all insecurities and expose my true self to the world. I’ll become immune to the impact of your opinion and stand naked in a crowd of ideas; comfortable in knowing that while you married the mundane, I explored the exceptional.