Sales Li(f)e

Your whole life has been a lie

Coming soon-ish

After more than


Downloads of my Sales Life manuscript…

I have decided to polish it up and publish it fo-realsies. I am still working over all the details, but I should have more information soon. Drop your best email below and I’ll keep you updated on the progress of the book.

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I think people need to hear this.. and understand not just listen!

I have never had a sales career directly, only peripherally. I tend to be a “glass is half full” type. Seeing the type of manipulation that goes on daily in life, as Sales Li(f)e ably shows, can help one to navigate life more successfully yet ethnically.

Since I started retail I have believed in this idea so strongly that everything in life is in some way a sale. This book put into words what I had always been thinking and went above and beyond. A great inspirational and motivational read!”

This book is well written and thought out, with the proper amount of explanation as to why we do what we do and why they [other people] do what they do.

I am in sales and see this type of material day in and day out, so it served as more of a rephrasing at times, or a way to review what I know. My friend read it who is not in sales, however, and he said there was a lot to be gained from it if you don’t already hear these concepts in sales training. Nice idea.”

Easy to read. Good examples, easy to understand. You did a good job summarizing to main points. I liked that you used real examples and painted a clear image of how to apply those principles.

Great read overall, I sure will go back to it from time to time to get a morale boost or to remember the principles.

I am going to read this book for the second time. There is a lot of valuable and practical information in this book for me absorb. I love your writing style as well. I’m glad I found your website!