Original article from: KMarie Photography

A few weeks ago Emily Owen (artistic enthusiast, and owner of Virgin Vintage) approached me about collaborating on a concept she had in mind, involving a little girl assuming the role of a make up artist, as a statement piece in terms of how beauty is viewed from the eyes of a child.

Here are a few behind the scenes shots of the first child, Arianna, in our little experiment (who happens to hold a special place in my heart aside from this project.)

It was incredible to see the creative process evolve in such an open ended mind. Before even meeting Emily, Arianna tossed around the idea of doing some sort of “rainbow” design, but as she gazed upon a smorgasbord of colors/glitters/brushes displayed before her there was no need for planning, she jumped right in layering color after color (and politely apologizing from time to time when she thought excess powder had fallen into Emily’s eye.)

After several wipes with a cloth to “clean up her lines” she settled on a look of “rainbows for eye shadow and pink rain clouds for cheeks” I can only hope that as this series continues to grow it serves as a reminder to be appreciative of the creative nature of children, be careful never to squander the “pink rain-clouds” or the uneven lines of innocence.

We take to much stock in squeezing ourselves into an idealized perfect..(guilty!) when perfect is the raw moment, a lip line that goes down to your chin, or a much needed spontaneous hug at the end of a beautiful collaboration.”

Thank you Arianna for teaching us all that perfection lives only in our hearts.

Warmest thank you to the talented KMarie Photography for documenting this splendid event.