Online Shopping Vs Total Consumer Spending

A comparison of key online sales indicators

453.46 Billion

2017 total US spending online

The Choice We Face

Watch a short presentation about the choice we face as it relates to social media, advertising, and the coming online revolution.

The internet connects 92% of America but only accounts for a small percentage of our actual economy. Source


Online retail spending as a percentage of total retail spending in 2017

Total retail sales, factoring out the sales of automobiles, fuel and restaurants, reached $970.16 billion in the fourth quarter, a 4.9% increase compared with $925.20 billion in the fourth quarter of 2016. E-commerce represented 14.8% of total retail sales in the fourth quarter, compared with 13.2% in the fourth quarter of 2016.


The Future of Online Sales

Before we can grow online sales, we must first restore trust online.

Source – Google

“The United States rank behind several countries in terms of e-commerce sales as percentage of total retail sales – in 2016, almost a fifth of China’s retail sales occurred via the internet, compared to only 8.1 percent in the United States. The UK, South Korea, and Denmark are also ahead of the U.S. in terms of retail e-commerce share.”


Understanding Information as a Currency

Watch a presentation I gave at WordCamp Tampa about the future of sales and why you need to start thinking about information as a currency.