How to Become A VP of Sales [podcast]

“You are doing sales wrong!”

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It took some time to get him warmed up…

But Brian has a good mind for sales and helps me discuss and explain some major sales concepts and how they relate to life. We briefly mention his bio but feel free to learn more about Brian Geery and his work.

With 20+ years experience in the world of sales, Brian has worked with fortune 500 clients and been published in the Wall Street Journal along with many other publications. Join us as we discuss the world of sales and many of the other issues below.

What is a VP of Sales?

Someone with sales leadership responsibility. We talk about understanding the sales process and how to fine tune your sales engine. While Brian is still a little cold I throw him on the spot and ask him to pitch me while I pretend to be a customer who really just wants to throw him out.

How do you think he did? Let me know in the comments below.

Will door-to-door sales ever disappear?

We talk about my time in door to door sales and how to make a five minute friend. We talk about how I learned to sell on demand and the process that the company used to make us sales machines.

I think that door-to-door sales are on their way out but Brian claims they might hang out a little longer than I think. Which of us do you think is right?

Brian flips the script

Brian flips the interview and asks me about my business and how I have grown my online presence. He asks me about the three technologies that I think were most important in helping me get my blog off the ground. Here are links and descriptions of each technology and how I use them.


Learn more about WordPress 

The largest open source content management system on the internet. It is easy to use (there is a learning curve) once you get the hang of it, and can allow you to update your website easily, post new blog articles and evolve digitally. The core files are always being updated and there are numerous plugins that can help you do what you need to do.

There are some other low-cost website builders online but WordPress offers you the most scaleability and diversity of options. For the non-developer, non-coder out there, this is the perfect place for you to get into the web building world.

I plan on writing a comprehensive WordPress write up, along with my favorite plugins but for now, know that you need it and it could make your life much easier.


Download Evernote

I wrote an article here where I talked about my favorite features and why I upgraded to Evernote Premium. I still think it is the best, free or paid, note-taking app on the market.

The way their web clipper works with my web browser along with their email functionality has really helped improve my workflows and productivity. It will help you stay organized and keep track of everything.


What is IFTTT

I just mentioned this briefly in the podcast but it is an application you should know about since it lets you connect different applications and set triggers for different functions.

For instance, I have IFTTT set to ask a contact to connect on LinkedIn when I scan an Evernote business card. There is life-hack article coming on how to do this but for now know you can do it and go explore their website and create your own recipes.

Social Media:

I think as a whole, Social Media is the third most important tool I use online. I use Social media as a tool and although I am active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, I hate Linked In. I still use it and have a profile but I am not really finding it useful and that might be partly my fault. It just gets really hard to manage all of these channels and mediums by myself. Maybe soon I’ll be able to afford an assistant.

How to steal ideas

Brian calls it “Liberating” the idea but I call it stealing inspiration and I am not shameful about it. Brian asks me about my viral online explosion, I talk about stealing inspiration from all over the internet and talk about how I got my website to the top of Google in so many different categories.

I expose a little more of the big picture of what I am trying to build and talk about the fact that the whole world is socially engineered. Whether for good or evil, it just is because that is how we work.

One of my biggest challenges will be to help you understand the simplicity of these systems and how they are all interconnected. After that, it is up to you whether to use the powers for good or evil. Whether to chase the dream and be the best you possible or will you sit on the sideline and think about what might have been?

None of This is About the Money

I have no desire for massive amounts of money. Although I wouldn’t hate it or turn it away. My primary motivation is the elimination of the word “no” based a lack of a funding mechanism.

I make enough money to live and I am reinvesting every dollar I can into the infrastructure of in order to increase the quality of the content we deliver on a daily basis. I also want to start introducing you to the other companies that I do business with as well as the creative people that I surround myself with.

As we grow we will also be looking for new ideas on how to bring other people with us. Stay tuned for how you can get plugged into the RayDO network.

Part Of It Is About The Aesthetics

We wrap up the show talking about my connection with Steve Jobs and how I see a lot of his character traits and flaws in myself. I talk about my desire to keep the website clean and fresh but also understanding the need to try and monetize it soon.

At one point I even mention my plans for monetization briefly as we talk about how I plan to grow to the next level of social commerce. I explain the concept of building a trusted network of amazing individuals. People who we help get off the ground and help find their way online.

I hope to take amazing people and help them follow their dreams. I hope to give them a platform to change the world. I give a huge “thank you” to all those who listen and follow us so closely. We really do appreciate your support.

Apparently Brian had a hot date…

Or something like that because he jumped off the mic quick. We will definitely ask him back to talk more about sales but he was a fun guest and we hope you enjoyed him.

Make sure you subscribe to, grab us on Stitcher or iTunes and make sure you hang on. This is going to be a bumpy ride.

Are you doing something amazing with your life? Something the rest of us should know about? Tell me about it in the comments.

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Is Bitcoin Over? – IRS To Tax Bitcoin as Property; and Other Shi#! [podcast]

Uncensored – NSFW

Red is back to talk to us about the IRS and their recent ruling on Virtual Currencies.

Wait… how can you call it a currency in the press release and then say that it is not a currency?

On this episode of RayDO we explore the government and their ever growing quest for power and control. In their most recent move, the IRS ruled that virtual currencies will be taxed as property as opposed to taxing it as a cash equivalent transaction.

Bitcoin values dropped substantially and at the time this article was published was trading at about $571USD per Bitcoin. Bitcoin has seen a huge fluctuation in value over the past 30 days ranging from $1,200 per coin to where it currently sits close to the its 30 day low.

Before we got too far in, Red was asking me about my video on racism, Nigga Please that went viral, although in the podcast, I never mentioned the final view count. It currently has more than 300K views and still going. Facebook tried to shut it down but we got it back up.

We also dive into a taste of immigration and why it is holding the country back, I talk about my time on unemployment and struggling for things to eat. I even talk about the  current potential for financial instability as I sacrifice to build something from the ground up.

Finally I tease a new series of podcast about sales and my theory on how sales and life are interconnected. This series will be launching soon and you should definitely subscribe to our sales circle to make sure you don’t miss a thing.

Join me as I get this thing off the ground. Grab these podcasts on Stitcher and iTunes to make it easier to grab us on the run.



Red Rocket? What’s That In Your Pocket? [Podcast]

From 90’s porn to taking the world by storm.

This impromptu podcast will have you laughing, screaming and thinking about life like you have not done in a while. Explore your past and join us as we discuss some other experiences that are sure to hit close to home.

Remember trying to load pictures with a 56K modem? That is where it all starts out and then we dive into a host of issues including some insight into the darker thoughts inside my head, and how they help me look at the world differently.

I introduce parts of my sales theory in this podcast and talk about how everything in life is a sale. We discuss how I developed my sales skills, understanding how your upbringing can help shape the person you become and how looking at the world from multiple angles can really help you stand out.

We also delve into the way businesses track your every move inside their stores and the way you need to think about the information that these companies continually connect with you.

Chris Brown Bears All [Podcast]

I Get Down With Chris Brown…

No, not that Chris Brown, dork… this is after all, not some Entertainment News Nonsense.

Sarasota socialite and party personality, Chris Brown spends about an hour talking to Raymmar about the Sarasota party scene, politics and a little bit of philosophy.

Chris is not big into politics so I challenged his stance and made him a little uncomfortable in his own understanding of the state of our country. He could not fathom why anyone would want to purposefully destroy this country.

Is it really so hard to think that a government would do their best to oppress and control the people of the country? The same thing that has been done by those in power in all structured civilization since the beginning of time.

We discuss these hard issues, as well as cut more than just skin deep when talking to Chris about his “Catch and release” program and street reputation. I do have to say that off the mic, he had nothing but nice things to say about the woman he was dating and that he actually excited about the future of his current relationship.

I applaud him for that.

So often we are victims of labels that either others put on us or more often than not, we put on ourselves. Stigmas which we allow the world to hold over our heads. Judgments we let the world pass.

We must no longer stand for this social divisiveness. As long as you understand your flaws and work towards strengthening your weaknesses, no one can hurt you or hold you back. No one can keep you from being the best you, that you could ever possibly be. Don’t ever let someone tell you who or how you are supposed to be. You are the only one who knows these things.

Sincerely yours,

Perpetually Broken

Sons Of Hippies Stole My Drugs [podcast]

Find us on Stitcher or snag us on iTunes for more convenient podcast experience.

Sons Of Hippies Stole My Drugs…

Is the message that sits on the back of my Wacom tablet. Courtesy of David Daly and Sons of Hippies. He gave it to me after one of their performances last year. Since then I have become good friends with the lead singer of that band Katherine Barnes.

In this podcast I interview Katherine about her recent tour across I-10 where she performed 14 times in 16 days. We get in to social issues a bit and the distraction that is social media and technology.

We also give you a taste of the band and their style of music. You will be riveted from the first note, to the very end. #YourWelcome!


Should You Jump On The Bitcoin Bandwagon? [podcast]

Download Stitcher or snag us on iTunes for more convenient podcast experience.

Raymmar breaks down Bitcoin with the help of Steve Thomas and Jason Delagrange from Sarasota’s first cloud based Bitcoin mining operation. Digital Mining Investments

We take you through the fundamentals of Bitcoin but more than anything we take you through the way it works, how it interfaces with our current society and explore how it plays out in the future of digital currencies.

As always, we kept it interesting by talking about some alternative uses for the Bitcoin algorithm, including voting, and transferring of secure funds. This could literally disrupt the entire financial ecosystem.

Image Credit


CPAC Recap – Exploring The Conservative Conundrum [Podcast]

We just got back from a weekend in Washington DC, attending the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). I wanted to take this opportunity to test out my new recording equipment so I invited Ben Doherty to sit with me and review our wild weekend in Washington.

In this podcast we discuss why the conservative party cant get out of their own way. We explore the key points of the CPAC conference along with our adventures in DC which includes being questioned in front of the White House, getting kicked off of the Lincoln Memorial and broadcasting live from radio row. Not to mention some epic parties and some DC nightlife adventures.

We review a sound clip from Sarah Palin’s keynote speech where she rewrites a Dr. Seuss poem as well as some discussion about the technical difficulties we faced on radio row.

All in all, I love the new equipment and these podcasts are going to get better and better as I continue to learn the ins and outs of the new soundboard, understanding the microphones and developing my on air personality. Thanks for joining me on this quest and I look forward to growing this portion of my website with all of you.

Welcome to Ray-D-O [Podcast]

Introducing RayDO – Pronounced Radio

Rated R – for Raymmar

I have been blogging on for about a year now and the last 6 months have absolutely unreal. The site and my words have reached more than 2 million people over the last few months and I even got picked up by the Huffington Post last month.

For a while now I had been thinking about podcasting so… I did. much like when I started making my video rants, this is just another opportunity for me to share my message across multiple channels. An opportunity for me to get more intimate with my audience and really give them a chance to get to know me.

I think as people get to know that I am just a regular guy trying to make sense of the crazy world we live in, that the power of my message will be multiplied. Thanks so much for your continued support and I look forward to where this road leads.

What’s In This Podcast?

I introduce my concept and talk about some recent experiences with religion, business and introduce my sales theory.

You find out that I smoke pot in this podcast and I am not really ashamed of that. I am sure we will dive into it further down the road.

You get a taste of my religious views although I am not happy with the way I described them as I listened to it after recording. The wonder of live recording.

I will definitely be getting into my religious views as well as a number of other controversial topics in more details as the podcast moves forward and I look forward to having some debates with people across many different view points.

This Is Just The Beginning

I know not many people will listen to this first podcast but over time it will definitely grow. Much like my blog and my videos, it has to start somewhere.

Love it or hate it, here it is. Let me know what you think in the comments. Also, feel free to leave suggestions for topics of other podcasts.



Censored in Sarasota – Why I Got Kicked Off Radio [Updated With Audio]

Listen to the audio that got me booted from the radio show.

I Felt It Coming…

Sarasota is a city dead set on staying the same. Suppressing a new creative culture. Scared of the conscious capitalist.

These are the struggles of a stagnant city. A city with no vision, just more of the same… Rich. Old. Stale.

To be honest, I was surprised when the local community radio station (96.5 WSLR Sarasota) said yes to our proposed radio show.

I actually wondered why they were letting me be a part of it in the first place. It didn’t seem like their kind of thing but they said yes; we pitched the show and they said yes.

You’re Fired

“Don’t worry about them” Said E-man (referring to the radio station) as he cancelled a team production meeting in order to meet with the station manager.

Apparently they had reviewed the tape of our first show and wanted to talk.

E-man tried to be gentle but I reassured him that I already knew what he was going to tell me.

I told him I didn’t think he put up much of a fight but I know it wasn’t his call.

Told You So

I don’t know how many times I warned the members of our radio show that the station would not just let me come on their airwaves and ask my kind of questions.

I knew they would hate me. I knew it because this is how narrow minds always react to a guy like me. But the guy they got in that show is the same guy who writes regularly on this blog, and the same guy they met in their interviews along the path to approving the show.

Which means they either knew who I was and decided to give me shot anyway, or they were woefully negligent in their screening process.

It could be that they were woefully negligent in their screening process and then decided to cover up their own shortcomings through good old fashion serving of censorship, but honestly, I think they just couldn’t stand the thought of someone articulating views that contradicted the stations politics. I think they had no interest in letting me use their airwaves to challenge their thought process. Which is kind of the purpose of community radio isn’t it?

I guess I didn’t give it much thought at the time. I figured maybe they were different. Maybe there was a chance at open-mindedness.

I figured, what the hell! If they’re game, I’m game.

I Warned The Station

Before we signed the station agreement, privacy policies etc, Arlene, the former Station Manager reassured me “that’s not what this station is about” and “we are a community radio station so that’s fine”. It was her response to me telling her that I did not agree with the station politics one last time before signing our broadcaster agreement.

I told them I was specifically not in line with their liberal progressive political ideology and that they should “tell me now if they wanted me off the show”. I was again reassured that all would be fine.

I was told “different opinions” were not a problem.

We would even read a disclaimer before the show started; a message stating that the views and opinions expressed on our show were not those of the radio station or its management.

Google It

You would think they’d have taken a moment to get to know the guy they were about to put in front of a microphone for two hours a week.

You might think that they would have at least Googled my name and read a bit about me on my website where I pretty much talk about anything and everything.

I figured at the very minimum they would have listened to me at least one of the times I told them exactly what we planned to do on the show.

We explained that we were going to challenge our audience and break down relevant issues from a fresh perspective. We were going to take on pop-culture, politics, news and entertainment from a young, diverse perspective. We were going to meet at an intersection of ideas.

None Of That Would Matter

One week is all it lasted.

One whole show before someone “complained” and triggered the censorship machinery.

The station manager requested a copy of the tape, apparently hated what he heard, and then decided I had to go.

Of course, the show could continue; just as long as I was no longer a part of it.

Intolerance Of The Tolerant

Forget getting to know what I really stand for or having a legitimate battle of ideas.

Forget about how we might have brought in all sorts of new listeners.

Forget about the fact that a little bit of controversy could go a long way to increase the audience of a station that begs for exposure.

Oh, and please, whatever you do, don’t forget to forget the fact that we might have engaged an entirely new audience. A vastly younger demographic, in a city that struggles for ways to engage the 25-40 crowd.

Forget equal airtime or freedom of speech. Forget about their own mission statement:

WSLR is an innovative, listener-supported, non-profit, non-commercial FM radio station dedicated to serving the Sarasota community. WSLR features locally produced programming and presents cultural, artistic, and political perspectives currently underrepresented in the media. Our goal is to inform and empower listeners to play an active role in WSLR and in their community. WSLR’s programming promotes equality, peace, sustainability, democracy, health, and social and economic justice.

Forget everything they claim to stand for because apparently, none of it is true.

Like everything else in the world we live in, it’s nothing more than a structure, built by and as a direct result of, individual decisions. Built by man and ultimately fallible.

So Here Are A Few Questions I Have For The Radio Station

  • Am I not part of the community?
  • Did I not fulfill my volunteer obligations, complete station training, sign a contract and talk to you about how my ideology was different than that of the station?
  • What was different in the show we produced from the show we pitched?
  • Did you stop to think that people might actually like the show?
  • Why wouldn’t you at least give the show a chance to see if we attracted a larger listener base?
  • How can you be ok with censoring a member of the local community when you claim to fight for equality in so many other issues?
  • Why is my voice not as valid as all the others you allow on air?
  • Why should any of us even be surprised anymore?

Now Ask Yourself

If this is happening at a community radio station in sleepy Sarasota, then imagine the power structures behind the larger machine that is mass media.

The end!

Image Credit –

Sex, Love and Intimacy: Do It All More [Podcast]

This podcast originally appeared on The Zentist Blog

Brief description: This podcast covers the everyday dealings of sex, love, relationships, marriage and intimacy as well as everything that comes with them.

Download the MP3