A WordPress Case Study

Check out the live ICEpodz website. 

In this case study you will learn more about how I helped a up and coming “Wearable Cooling” product company launch a new website in preparation for a large event. Oh, and we did it in less than 5 days.

The old ICEpodz website

Was simple but the text was confusing and the call to action was unclear.

According to the website, ICEpodz™ is the next generation of wearable cooling, delivering TARGETED dry Core-Body heat relief.

Ok, so they have a cool product (pun intended), but it looks like they need some help building a website that people can actually use to buy their product online. Their Wix website is hard to navigate and there is no clear direction or call to action for the user.

The old website was simple but unclear

The Problem

There were 5 major issues with the old ICEpodz home page.

  1. The headings were small and hard to read. They were also using images instead of text which can hurt your search rankings.
  2. The header is a little busy and competes with the navigation. There is a lot of valuable space being underutilized here.
  3. Their main headline is a little ambiguous and difficult to read because of the way it overlaps the image.
  4. The navigation is also busy and most of the inside pages have little content on them.
  5. The biggest mistake is the lack of a clear call to action. This is a big no-no and something we needed to address right away.

In addition to the 5 major issues there were also some other styling miscues and some text that was forcing the user to have to scroll to the right in order to read it. Additionally, the entire site was not mobile ready.

The solution

We cleaned up the messaging on the home page, clarified the call to action and used images to showcase the product itself.

On the new home page the message is clear and we also made the call to action is the main focus on the page. We used images to showcase the product itself, simplified the navigation and again, accented the order-now option with a simple outline.

The new IcePodz website

Showing off the product

We once again used images to highlight their proprietary cooling technology.

The large image is actually visible from the top of the home screen and is revealed as the user scrolls down the page. The image is large and shows a cold Gpack which is their patent pending gel insert.

Using the product images to build brand value

Using the product images to build brand value

Adding more product details

As the user scrolls down the page, they can learn more about the product, but there is also a call to action at each step.
The full screen images show off the product variations and the little bits of text are easy to skim and are separated by plenty of white space.

The old ICEpodz conversion page

The old conversion page showed their products but was a little confusing and offered the user little direction.

The old conversion page was unclear and missing a call to action

The biggest issues with the conversion page

There were 3 major issues with the old ICEpodz conversion page.

  1. The product is still being sold on this page. At this point, all interaction should be directed at conversion.
  2. There is an extra step to add a product to the shopping cart.
  3.  Shipping has to be added independently. Adding yet another step to the conversion process and creating a point of confusion for the potential buyer.

Highlighting the problems with the existing conversion pages.

The Solution

Simplicity was at the center of this solution. We made it a one step process to add an item to the cart and then simplified the entire checkout process.

The improvement from one site to the other is dramatic and the client has already started to see increased engagement and online sales.

The next phase of the project is to create a content based sales strategy that uses the company blog as a mechanism for distribution.

The WordPress quick launch is a great solution for anyone with a simple product who wants to start selling online or for businesses who wants to clean up their existing WordPress website and optimize their sales process. Pricing varies based on the size and scope of work. Inquire for pricing.

Simplifying the buying process