Hello there, my name is Raymmar Tirado.

In 2008 the economy collapsed, and my life went to shit.

I found out my wife was cheating on me, lost my job, and ended up having to move across state lines to live in my mom’s basement. Within six months my life had been flipped completely on it’s head.

To make matters worse, I couldn’t find work. The economy was still reeling, and no one wanted to take a risk on the charismatic salesman who couldn’t keep a job.

I had the skills I needed to succeed at the work I wanted, but on paper I was a job jumping college dropout who was seemingly unhireable.

So instead of settling for a job I knew I’d hate, I set out to create the perfect job for myself. I started this blog along the way to share some of that story publicly.

In the last four years the website has evolved into a dynamic publishing platform, allowing me to reach millions of people from all across the globe.

Two years ago I joined forces with Clear Idea Labs to help me amplify those efforts and empower other creatives.

Now I’m inviting you to join me as we take the next step on this amazing journey.

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Welcome to the online mind of Raymmar Tirado

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What people are saying about Raymmar

“Raymmar not only presents some very thought provoking challenges to his readers, but provides personal, real life experiences that most of his audience can relate too… He is simply a kick ass, candid, intelligent challenger! We need more of his type of reporting/writing!”

“Great website! Always interesting, sometimes controversial, occasionally funny, definitely educational, often motivating, and refreshing compared to typical websites.”

Raymmar is by far the most creative, out of the box thinker I know, and you can always count on him to give it to you straight. His concepts and ideas are in a league of their own and his dedication to innovation is unmatched. I’d recommend Raymmar to any progressive, forward thinking organization that’s looking to take their product or service to a level they’ve never imagined. Raymmar is a rising star

I love your overall outlook and advice on life…. I also appreciate your perspective on politics because it’s not a subject I’m strong in, or better yet – interested in – until you… put them into a new light for me. As a whole – Raymmar.com enlightens me in more than one way and I can’t get enough!

We’ve sought Raymmar’s insight on our product Filament.io on multiple occasions, and he’s helped us gain a much deeper insight into the challenges and tactics used by content creators and marketers on the front lines. With his input, we’re building an immediately useful analytics tool to help bloggers increase their engagement.

Raymmar is one of the most creative and passionate minds I’ve had the chance to know. If you put him behind your brand and give him some creative freedom he’ll get you noticed and drive traffic to your goals. I’m convinced he’ll never stop striving to be bigger and better and that’s ultimately what you want behind a growing brand no matter what size.

Raymmar is one of a kind. He has the ability to start any project from scratch, mount up creative ideas for any client all while maintaining his own brand. Raymmar works tirelessly, is a solid networker and someone you want to meet at least twice in your lifetime. He is someone I would recommend for creative services, branding, marketing and sales consulting!

Raymmar gave me the information I have used to build my organic search traffic to over 1,500 unique views per month in less than 6 months! He inspired me to create a better business system based on what I was already doing. I am grateful for all the blessings I have received since getting to know Raymmar!

“Raymmar provides a fresh perspective and creative insight to online marketing. Not your average blah-blah-seo-optimization-blah-blah posts, along with a few personal, off-topic rants keep it all interesting and entertaining! Great stuff!”

If you’re desperate to fit in this is not the place to go, however, if you want to bounce your own thoughts off other like minded people and look at stuff from a different perspective it definitely is

I think you’re one of few lights in all this darkness. Shine on!

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