Explaining some of the recent changes to Raymmar.com

When I first started Raymmar.com, I had no idea what I was doing. Those early posts weren’t very good and the website was ugly, but I was determined to build something special.

I guess you could say I’ve succeeded at some level, and thanks to all of you, the website has grown considerably over the last few years. I have not however, been very good at communicating my vision or long term goals along the way. I have not shared the core vision for what I am building with the people who make it all possible. Shame on me. 

But starting today, I’m going to fix that. Because where we are is well and good, but where we are going is something else altogether, and I’m going to need your help to pull it all off.

That being said, here are a few things you should know about where we are headed.

I will be sending out detailed emails about each of these as they develop, but here is a snapshot of what is going on right now.

  1. The website is all new. I update Raymmar.com regularly, and that won’t change, but the home page, blog, about page and website navigation have been completely revamped over the last couple weeks. We are trying to simplify the website and streamline the messaging. Please take a moment to look around and let me know what you think.
  2. I’ve been working on a new book. A large part of the manuscript is complete, but it’s not the story I want it to be… YET. I have no clue when I will publish the book, but hopefully it will coincide with the launch of our new publishing platform. To get updates on the progress or to be notified when it is ready for release click here.
  3. We are launching a few new online ventures. Click here to learn more about the different projects we are working on.
  4. Are you in Sarasota? We are doing a soft launch for Sarasota Underground. We are going to creatively connect the city by using technology and great storytelling. Check it out and register today as an early adopter.

In closing

I’ll be sharing more of the vision over the next few weeks but this is all for now. Feel free to reply with any questions or feedback you might have about how we can make the website, or even these emails, better for you.

Thank you for being with me up to this point, and in advance for helping me moving forward. I appreciate you more than you know and I look forward to having you all by my side as we take the next step at Raymmar.com.

Thanks and until next time!

Raymmar Tirado

P.s. If you really want to show the love, share my website with a friend. It is the best compliment you could ever give me.