The Pineapple drop is back and it might just be the hottest New Years party in town. 

I haven’t been around for the last few new year celebrations in Sarasota but after they quit dropping the pineapple on new years eve it’s like the city lamed out. There were other parties but nothing like bringing together thousands of people across all ages to one spot, shutting down the street and bringing down the house with awesome live music, saying good bye to another year and hello to the next one.

Have no fear though, the days of lame NYE parties are over.

This year The HuB (in conjunction with Gator ClubIvoryMattson’s and the City of Sarasota) is bringing sexy back. The event is being hyped as the party of the year and if I were you I wouldn’t miss it.

The festivities will include an all day carnival (opens at 2pm) for the kiddies as well as a plethora of street foods that will make you wish you weren’t trying to stick to whatever “fad diet” you are in to these days. Don’t worry too much though, it’s new years after all and I am sure you made a resolution to turn a new leaf and get your healthy on next year, so go eat that fried twinkie… er snicker bar, forget about the night and start your new diet next year.

Live Entertainment

There will be a ton of live music spread out over 4 stages throughout the event. (The music starts at 6pm)There are a total of 7 bands performing through the night. (Check out the bands here) The HuB stage will spotlight 4 original artists including New Vega, a product of Sarasotas very own record label, WHOA!

Prepare to see some of this cities top artists along with a potentially disasterous amaeture performance by a few of the HuB founders themselves. I won’t spoil the surprise but if they deliver I can guarantee that you will be glad you came out for the event. If not then we can all have fun laughing at them on YouTube for the next week!

Adult Beverages Will Be Had

The entire event is family friendly, there will be rides and attractions for the kids throughout the night but fair warning, adults will have plenty of entertainment options as well. There will be adult beverages served street side as well as in the local watering holes.

The local bars and restaurants will be staying open late to make sure there is plenty of food and entertainment to go around. You should definitely pop in and check out the vibe at some of Sarasota’s top bars and restaurants.

This event has drawn upwards of 25,000 people in years past and with the guys at the HuB throwing their weight behind it this year you can bet that there will be at least that many this year.

Bring On The New Year

There is nothing better than a great party to get you pumped up for great things to come. There are so many things going on in my life personally and professionally that I for one cannot wait to see what this next year has in store. That being said you’ll find me in front of one of the many stages dancing and singing loudly that night. I wont be alone, I’ll be with 25,000 of my clsest friends watching the pineapple drop and bringing the new year in with style.

So grab your party hat, a friend or two and head Downtown for the biggest New Years Eve party in Sarasota.

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