Bros 4 Bras hosts first annual Br-Auction to raise money in support of Breast Cancer Awareness

I recently attended a joint conference hosted by manatee and Sarasota young professionals groups focused on defining and promoting key features of the area so as to attract new companies and promote Sarasota and Manatee Counties to young professionals who might be considering moving to the area. While there I met Michael Calamaras and Jon Pierce. A Couple of up and coming young professionals who in addition to working and leading the charge as young professionals were also promoting a fundraiser for breast cancer awareness.

They invited me to attend an event walk through and photo shoot that weekend at World of Beer in Sarasota so I could see what they were all about and maybe find a way to help promote the event. I figured, why not, its on a Sunday, there is football on, there would be hot girls and I could probably write it off as a business expense. When I showed up I was greeted By Daniel Benton and Michael Calamaras the founders of the local non profit Bros 4 Bras. There were computers on the tables and a long table set up with pink bras and all imaginable types of glitter, sequins, beads and glue guns. I quickly realized we were about to get our bedazzle on and this was not just a Sunday afternoon at the bar. I realized these boys meant business.

Jon and Mike take pictures of some of the girls in their pink bras.

My role was to set up their mobile marketing campaign which will allow them to promote the event with SMS messages as well as offer coupons on mobile phones. I was instantly made to feel like part of the crew while we sat there working, and getting to know this group of young professionals interested in doing more for their community by raising money for breast cancer awareness. I couldn’t help but take an interest in the cause as they were so excited to be hosting the first annual Bros 4 Bras Br-Auction.

See, it turns out men can get breast cancer too but not too many people know this so Mike and Daniel set out to start a Sarasota based non profit with the hopes of getting men involved in the pink bra phenomenon that seems to be so prevalent in breast cancer awareness these days. They wanted to host an event focused on getting guys to participate in a cause mostly ignored by the average male. What they came up with was a clever auction where beautiful women would be wearing pink bras and auctioning off getaway packages, golf outings and so much more.

On October 4th at World of Beer in Sarasota you will have a chance to bid on any number of adrenaline filled adventures and luxury getaways. At the Br-Auction not only do you get to bid on the Golden Eagle yacht day trip, Harley Davidson day trip and a sunset cruise, you also get to keep the pink bra from whichever girl is modeling your favorite prize package. Can it get any better than that? Oh yeah, you also get to help a great cause and bring awareness to a cause that often goes unnoticed by men.

So grab your pink bra, your checkbook and a friend and come help us change the world, one tata at a time.

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