Sometimes making art is just more important that everything else. 

You might have heard the term content marketing being tossed around recently. It seems to be the most recent marketing buzzword and is well on its way to “overused” status.

Content marketing, in its truest sense is all about creating dynamic and compelling content in order to attract people to your company message. It is one of the founding principles of inbound marketing and can include blog articles, infographics, videos and so much more.

The problem with the content marketing trend, yes, even in Sarasota and Bradenton, is that people are starting to understand that content drives traffic online but not they are not understanding why it works and how to properly execute a content marketing strategy. They just think they can drown the world in a bunch of mediocre content and drive people to their message. Not to mention it desensitizes people to the concept and proper execution of effective content marketing.

The beauty of great content marketing is that it should pretty much run itself. If you are creating great content (videos, infographics and blog posts) people will eventually find them (and you) and share it with their friends. When you create art for business that comes from the heart it is hard to keep people from finding it. Your art can be writing, graphic design, video production or any form of creative expression. Additionally a platform to distribute your content is equally as important as the content itself. A blog is the easiest and most effective content distribution channel you can set up for your small business.

With that in mind I would encourage you to focus on creating great content for online distribution in order to increase web traffic. Frequency is important too but it is more effective to deliver more substantial and engaging content than to publish a rush job 3 times a week just to hit volume goals.

You want your blog and marketing platform to be like Hyde Park stake house as opposed to the Chinese buffet of content which can take some time. You don’t want people coming to your website, drawn in by the illusion of good content and end up leaving with a bad taste in their mouth over the quality of your content. Even worse is the possibility that they never come back due to their first impression. Instead you want to focus on getting them there and enticing them to click on another article, subscribe or click on a call to action to learn more about your company.

This Eagle is a digital painting I did a few months ago using a Bambo stylus by Wacom and the ProCreate app on the iPad. Yeah, you read that right, I did that drawing on the iPad. There is no marketing benefit to this piece other than it is eye candy and everyone who clicks on this article will most likely have been drawn in by the image.

Hopefully they read the article and find out a little more about who we are as a company but if all they do is appreciate the art then I am ok with that too. Maybe the next time we post something they will remember that they liked our digital eagle painting and click on a link that is more relevant to what they are doing at that time.

Deep down, I am just an artist and is my content platform to the world. I think that by creating beautiful and relevant content for myself and my clients that we will stand apart from the competition. Simple things can have a huge impact on your audience and there is nothing that makes a bigger statement than great design.

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