A satirical take on our national debt and the recurring theme of increased government spending. 

Fight stupid with stupider…

This idea came to me while talking with a friend and I started making a joke about how silly the whole debt ceiling debate is and I think it is ridiculous that we are continually kicking this can down the road as if the day of reckoning will never come. As if we are not headed towards the same fate as Detroit but or even more in line with the Weimar Republic.

To bring down America you must destroy it economically and from the inside

You cannot bring down America through military force. I mean, no one would be dumb enough to try it (for now) for a couple of reasons. One, we would smash them and two, they would be all alone because well…. revert back to reason number one.

Knowing this you have to then consider how does someone bring down the country? How do you bring down a super power? You cripple their economy. You create financial policies that are designed to devalue the currency and destabilize markets, knowing that you are also setting up the infrastructure to pick up the pieces after it all falls apart.

Some people think that these guys in Washington do not know what they are doing. these guys have been at work for almost a hundred years. Infiltrating every aspect of the government, business world, entertainment industry and so much more. The progressive agenda is all around us and it will be the death of this country. If we let it. If we continue to stand by and watch as the greatest gift to humanity goes right down the toilet.

The worst part is that it is not our generation that will suffer. It is the ones to come that will never know what it i like to be free because who will save us when the world comes knocking on our shores. Where does it all end? Why wont more people stand up and stand out. How is it that I still runs in to people who have no idea what is going on in the world around us. This is why we are in trouble and man, I hope we are not too late to turn it all around.

Why not just shut it all down?

Republicans in congress are scared to oppose Obamacare for the fear of having a government shut-down blamed on them. they pretend that this is a bad thing. The constitution specifically gives congress the power of the purse so that they can do just that. You would think they would be happy to go down as having done something dramatic to make people realize that this is no joke. That we are in some serious trouble here.

Instead we will just sit around and wait, and spend, and hope, and one day it will all come crashing down around us. What happens then?

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