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The Part of Me That I Won’t Let You See

This is a short poem about the dark thoughts that we all have inside of us and the struggle to keep them inside or let them out for the whole world to see.

I typically publish the poem text but for this one I’m going to make you listen in order to get the full feel. Maybe I’ll update the text in a few weeks after it has made the rounds online.

Please share this poem with a friend and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. I’d love to hear what you thought of this poem.

Much love to my man Sumit Mantaporn for the feature image.

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    • Raymmar Tirado
      Raymmar Tirado says:

      Thanks Amber. That image was take by a good friend of mine. He is the one that does all the photography you see on my site.

      I have a few of my poems that I have read, the latest is this one, not sure if you listened to it yet.

      I will go back and read all of them on mic right now but it takes time to do them right and I hate putting anything out to the world that I do not enjoy myself. Soon I’ll have a production studio and a team to help me produce some of these.

      I actually had a powerful vision for a video on this one but things didn’t work out when we went to shoot the video.

      I appreciate your listening and sharing though though. Hope things are well up north!


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