Sarasota Eternal kiss at sunset

Dedicated to Chris and Brooke Braun

A Poem by Raymmar Tirado

Is it a feeling? An emotion? An inkling? A notion?
A moment of weakness, a moment of faith, a moment to expose our most sacred place.
A place in our hearts that we locked with a key, that is until you said you loved me.
The truth is that real love is hard, it won’t stay the same. Love is a journey, burdened by change.
It’s not a game, it’s not an emotion, its a decision I make each day with devotion.
An invitation for you to forever share, a promise I make to always be there.
There in your life when you need me most, a promise to always pull you in close.
My hand on your heart, your hand on mine, two souls connected forever in time.
I’ll do my best and try to treat you right but one of these days we’re bound to fight.
Hopefully less than our moments of glee but no matter what, I’ll never flee.
I won’t let you go, I’ve made up my mind, today and tomorrow, you’ll always be mine.
My decision for love is one that won’t fold, and there’s no telling what our future might hold.
Our journey begins on this special day, and no matter what, we will find a way.
There’s no telling what we can do side by side, and that’s where I’ll be till the day that I die.
So what is love? It’s a funny little thing, defined this day with the exchanging of rings.
A reminder each day of this moment in time, a reminder each day that YOU are all mine.
A small symbol for such a big word, and I’m still not sure what I did to deserve, The love I’ve been given, to have and to hold my feelings for you won’t go untold.
Let no one deny that our love is true, and however you say it, my love; is you.
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  1. Ridhi Moza
    Ridhi Moza says:

    How much I love each and every word of this poem. Straight from the heart. Way to go man. I read your articles and poems. Quite enriching and amazing. :)
    Good going !

  2. Patrick Whelan
    Patrick Whelan says:

    It’s a beautiful poem and I’m sure it could make a good greeting card, but since you like to learn from your failures, I know you’ll welcome my criticism.
    You are right that love is a decision but you lost me when you said that love is hard. Because there is no greater ‘good’ in the world than love, it has to be the epitome of good and therefore can’t have anything negative associated with it. If you actually love, it isn’t hard to be there when they need, it isn’t a journey burdened by change but one enlightened by change.
    Also, marriage has nothing to do with love – it is a legal contract which has become quite fragile. If you tie marriage to love then you make love fragile. If you can stop loving, it was never love. Love has to be the one thing that endures otherwise it’s not love.
    When you say, ‘we’ll find a way’, it means that you’ll try to stay together whether you are good for each other or not. I’m sure the alcoholic husbands who beat their wives also say that when they’ve come to their senses. (Not comparing you to one of them, of course)
    And love is certainly not possessive. To legally bind yourself to another and say that you are all mine is ownership. If somebody owned me the last thing I would feel is that they love me…maybe they need me…but need isn’t love – love is giving, not taking.
    Love is a decision to always want the best for somebody and to act in their best interests. That can be interpreted in many ways but I’ll leave it at that. But sometimes the best interests of the other is not to be with you.

    Again, beautiful poem, and I’m certainly not criticizing your relationship – just your definition of love.
    Good luck

    • Raymmar Tirado
      Raymmar Tirado says:

      Great points. They just don’t rhyme! Lol.

      In all seriousness, I agree but that doesn’t mean love isn’t hard. Just because it is undying doesn’t mean it is hard to give. What I meant is that it will be tested and that real love will stand those tests.

      As a divorced failure at love I don’t have much merit to talk about these things but sometimes the brutal realizations in life are hardest learned through experience alone.

      I thoroughly agree with your thoughts though and thanks for sharing.

      Ps, this was a wedding speech so it had to be a little fluffy! ;)

    • Raymmar Tirado
      Raymmar Tirado says:

      P.p.s. Thanks for the honest criticism. I do appreciate it when it comes from a genuine point of view and not the arrogant troll hate I get in many of my comments.

      Thanks again for reading and sharing your thoughts.

      • Patrick Whelan
        Patrick Whelan says:

        Any time. Normally I never publicly criticize anything I read but from what I read in your “7 reasons why…” post I knew that you’d get it. There are many people writing poetic articles about love as feelings and I know if I comment it’ll receive nonsensical backlash so I don’t bother. They’re not ready to learn it anyway. I’ve just started blogging on my Facebook page (I’m not as handy as you are with web design) and I welcome criticism as well.

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