The Break Up

Why do we do the things that we do? The last thing I wanted was to ever hurt you…

Breaking up poem

I can’t sleep, the pillow is wet, this the night I’ll never forget.
My back is bleeding but I can’t reach the cut, my hand wrapped around the blade in your gut.
You stand in awe as we hug and embrace, while the blood in my body seeps from my face.
Face to face we stabbed one another, betrayed by the one I once called my lover.

Mad, disappointed, angry and ashamed, I just can’t decide how to channel this rage.
The words that I spoke can not be unsaid, bouncing forever inside your head.
The woman I hurt, who’s heart I can’t heal, the pain that you feared is now so damn real.
So much so that you made it true, betrayed and exposed you made me hurt you.

I’m not sure what’s next or what the future might hold, but I do know these hurts are slow to unfold.
The pain that we caused cannot be undone, but our time together was second to none.
I’ll never forget your smile and your face, and I’ll always regret that time and that place.
This is not how I thought our story would end. I can’t stomach the pain I caused my best friend.

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  1. Maureen Sweeney
    Maureen Sweeney says:

    ****So much so that you made it true, betrayed and exposed you made me hurt you.

    Mad, disappointed, angry and ashamed, I just can’t decide how to channel this rage.*****

    okay, first did you write this Raymmar? I read this again and again….it’s nice / explosive too. Did I miss something, if I did I apologize….read the above which I copied and pasted: YOU made it true, YOU made me hurt you? wow. anyone who has been abused verbally or physically (I raise my hand here) will tell you, yes we do things wrong and make mistakes and yep we say things in a fight we should not have, but the other person makes the call and what they DO not ‘you made me’. I can get upset and angry and all that, but I decide how I channel it, NO ONE ELSE MAKES me do a thing. Personally that part of the poem or verse made me ill, because it’s not been one year yet for me that a man threw me across a room into a kitchen table and then threatened to break a 20lb framed artwork over my head, was a issue going on, yes, did I MAKE him do that NOPE…..sorry but it hit me the wrong way, thought I should point it so that others who read this / don’t think a person can ‘make’ another do something, they can’t, unless they have a gun to your head., then maybe …… Maureen Sweeney

    • Raymmar Tirado
      Raymmar Tirado says:


      I understand your point, and the premise but that was not my intention and in the context of the poem I’m not sure its a fair interpretation although it is art and therefore subjective.

      In this example I am specifically talking about emotional pain. I am talking about the pain of betrayal and not a physical pain. I am saying that her actions, her betrayal, prompted me to break her heart. To “break-up” to betray her emotionally as well.

      I would never condone that type of violence and understand how it might be misinterpreted. Just wanted you to know where I was really coming from.

      Thanks you for sharing your thoughts.

  2. @Grace_Durbin
    @Grace_Durbin says:

    One of my favorites. This one is so full of real emotion for you that I can’t help but want an audio clip of you reading it. One of the biggest stories of your life is told here. Yet, once again, why do I feel as if you are telling mine?

    I adore your poetic side, Stella.

    • Raymmar Tirado
      Raymmar Tirado says:

      This one definitely has a special place in my heart because of the emotions it brings back. And I never even knew I had a “poetic side” but recently it has just been coming and I kind of love it too. Thanks as always for sharing and commenting Grace.


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