In this podcast, I talk with John Lyon who is a researcher for one of the top financial research firms in the country. His research and advice helps direct the people who manage billions upon billions of investment dollars and I wanted to ask him a few questions about the current fiscal climate and where he sees the future of the monetary system as a whole. We also get into China and the monetary moves they are making and dive into a concept I am calling open source sales. Something I think could completely change the world of sales as we know it. But if you think this is just going to be another boring talk about those little green pieces of paper that we call money, then you must have lost your mind, because after all, this, is Raymmar Radio! So kick back, and let’s get this shit started!

Resources mentioned in this podcast:

China moving against the dollar Ripples on the surface Homegrown Learners – Growing learners one day at a time Learn more about my ventures.


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  1. jello_shotgun
    jello_shotgun says:

    GREAT INTERVIEW!!! Mr. Lyons’ has an unbelievable grasp on the markets and economy…clearly a distinguished expert. I did not know that there was such a huge fund in Florida. It takes a true sage to raise many, many billions of $$$$$$$$$$. I would love the opportunity to come train under him and learn how a sophisticated hedge fund operates.

  2. JS
    JS says:

    Please let me know of any speaking engagements or future postings John has planned. I’d like to hear more from him. Thank you.

  3. Courtney
    Courtney says:

    Please have Mr. Lyon contact me. I am in the investment business and can learn a lot from him. And please post a picture. He sounds dreamy!


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