Ripples On The Surface

By: Raymmar Tirado

We see the ripples on a body of water and rarely consider what has caused them to appear. We do not pay attention to where the flow has been, or where it is going.

We do not think about the continuous journey, or the progress made by these bodies of water. We focus only on the wave, because this is what we can see. It’s what we can feel, what we can observe.

We assume that this is simply a natural ebb and flow, but we do not stop to consider how it has gotten to where it is.

We can float, swim and play in this body of water and are therefore not afraid.

We can steer our boats around the rocks and so we assume that we are in control but we are but a spec, floating on the surface.

Unaware of the current beneath us. Ignorant of the massive power required for this monster to move like it does.

At sea, a tsunami would pass underneath you. Imperceptible to the average person and yet at shore it’s destruction is apparent to all.

But we continue, blinded to the progressive nature of constant change.

Paying attention to the ripple, mesmerized by the wave, yet completely unaware of what propels it.

Oblivious to the devastation that awaits when the ripple finally finds land and lays waste to everything in it’s path.

The moment when the driving force must be revealed.

In that moment you will realize that you have not been in control, and that there is only one possible result.

But in that moment, it will be to late to prepare.

All that will be left to do, is brace for impact.

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  1. Brian
    Brian says:

    Hey raymmar, absolutely love what you’re doing here and love your work. Not sure if this is really your style or favored topic of discussion but I would love to hear a podcast or see a write up of what you think about life and the universe. I tend to agree with a lot that you say and am interested in what you think about the biggest question out there.

    • Brian
      Brian says:

      whats the meaning/ purpose of life? What, if anything, is the point? Love to hear a piece about your thoughts toward this general idea.

    • Raymmar Tirado
      Raymmar Tirado says:

      Hello Brian. Thanks for the recent comments.

      I am actually diving into spirituality next. I have been on this political kick for a while but I think that is over now. I have been really thinking a lot about the things you asked and I actually recorded a podcast the other day with a friend about god, the universe, evolution etc.

      Be sure to subscribe if you have not already done so to make sure you don’t miss it.

      Thanks so much for the love!


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