You may have recently noticed that all of the comments on all of my articles and videos have disappeared. Let me explain. 

My blog comments used to look like this

with comments

But now they look like this:

without comments

So where did all the comments go?

I have been thinking about doing this ever since Facebook decided to shut down the URL for my video on racism that went viral. When they did that they killed a comment thread that was up to almost 900 comments. I don’t know if you have ever posted an article online but getting 90 comments on your own blog is awesome let alone 900.

I had to re-publish the article to give it a new URL but at that point it was too late. The momentum had been lost and a video that had just gotten 225,000 unique views in one day came to a crashing halt.

What to do about Facebook?

Since that video I have wondered about deactivating my Facebook comments app and going back to the native WordPress commenting tool. The problem is that even though Facebook shut down my article, they are still the largest social network and content sharing platform online. At least for now. So I found myself in a catch-22. Do I deactivate the Facebook functionality and lose the ability to have peoples comments show up on their Facebook wall or do I leave it on and risk having another comment thread shut down by Facebook in the future. I am after all just getting started.

Mobile compatibility issues.

Considering that 70% of my web traffic comes from mobile devices I recently decided to upgrade my entire website and vastly improve its overall mobile functionality. For some reason, the Facebook comments just did not want to play nice with my new site and this was causing the comments section to overlap the sidebar rendering both the comments and sidebar useless. It was like there were no comments anyway because the way they appeared on tablets and mobile phones made them inaccessible for the reader.

I figured what good is it to make your site super mobile friendly and then not have accessibility for people to interact with it through a mobile friendly comments tool. Derp!

So I finally made my decision.

This really sucks, purposely taking away all those comments is definitely does not feel awesome but I think it is the right decision in the long term. Yes, I lost a ton of comments on all of my previous articles but I gained internal control of all of my comments moving forward and you can still log in with Facebook, Google+, Twitter or a WordPress account. It’s not perfect but until I get the money to hire my own developers it will have to do.

Thanks for understanding and hopefully this is not something we ever have to deal with again.

Do you think I made the right decision? Let me know what you think or if you have had to deal with a similar transition on your website. 

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20 replies
    • Raymmar
      Raymmar says:

      Well, I have been known to drop some harsh realities on people. Mostly myself though. Haha. Maybe it is because I freely opens self up to criticism that I am able to give such a unique perspective. Thanks for the feedback.

  1. Pam F
    Pam F says:

    Other right leaning entities are also having this problem, Breitbart for one… don’t let the Libs get you down! Thanks for your persistence and tenacity!

    • Raymmar
      Raymmar says:

      Thanks, I am not down I know this was the right decision moving forward but it still sucks having to lose all of that social validation. Thanks so much for the comment and support.

      • Raymmar
        Raymmar says:

        Thanks again. I have no plan on slowing down. Actually, the videos are about to get a boost of awesomeness as we start bombarding you with real information, stats and fresh perspectives on everything from politics to social sales processes in an attempt to expose the world to te realities that surround them. #ThisIsGoingToBeHuge

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