Big thanks to all of you.

Thank you all so much!

I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you who visited, shared and more importantly, subscribed, to over the last three months. You will forever by my earliest of adopters, seekers of reality and enjoyers of awesomeness!

Thanks for what?

Three months ago, I launched a video about racism that set the internet on fire until Facebook shut it down. It was the second of 7 videos I have produced in an effort to push my creative limits and tell some interesting stories. Before this, I had 63 YouTube subscribers, 6 blog subscribers and about 100 likes on my Facebook page.

I have no words to describe my gratitude to all of you! I never expected that this many people would, not only care about the things I had to say, but decide to subscribe and receive regular updates on the crazy that is Raymmar Tirado.

The Videos

I’m just getting started

There is so much more to come, let’s consider this the warm up act! The more people who subscribe and the more people who engage with, the more empowered and emboldened I will get. You all are like my super power! With your support we just might take over the world. At the very least we will leave one hell of a mark on it.

Whether you follow me for my political commentary, comedy or creativity, I hope you will always look for the deeper meaning in the content I produce. Life is a complicated conundrum, one that we must all explore.

At the very core, I am just trying to shed a little light on, and poke a little fun at, many of life’s darker moments. Situations that are not often discussed publicly. I want to expose raw emotion and exploit human nature in an attempt to better understand it. There is no right or wrong, rhyme or reason, there’s just You, Me and the world around us. Where we go from here is up to us.

No offense but none of it is for you.

I have to fill you in on a little secret. I don’t do any of it for you. I do it all for me.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate everyone of you and that is why I have given the world this peephole, if you will, to what is going on inside my head. A little glimpse inside my thought process, to help you understand how I see the world. However, you are not my motivation.

Whether it is a video, blog article or infographic, I simply strive to release ideas into the world for other people to share and explore. I pose questions for you to ask and answer. I push the buttons of the world with the specific intent to piss it off. There is an honest truth that comes from exposing raw emotions.

While I thoroughly enjoy the fact that the world has taken an interest in what I am doing, I am in no way affected or interested in those who tell me I am doing it all wrong or that I have sold out. This is my social experiment and I don’t much care what you think about it.

I guess in a way, I did kind of sell out. I sold out to myself. I let go of who and what the world wanted me to be and embraced the person I really am. That has allowed me to create beautiful things and find happiness for the first time in years. You’ve got another thing coming if you ever think I would ever let you take that from me.

You don’t know me!

(Some of you actually know me. This message is not for you. This is for the pretenders who think they know me because they saw one video or read one blog article) 

Do not think you know me because you have watched a video or read a blog posts. You may know something about me or what has happened during some portion of my life but do not pretend to “know me”. You have not engaged me and you have not understood me. Not yet at least.

Do not pretend to place me inside the box from which you see the world. If something I do offends you moving forward then feel free to tell me about it. Odds are I did it on purpose. Chances are I’m pushing your buttons precisely to see how you will respond. Thanks in advance for playing in this social experiment I call life.

I don’t know you!

But I would like to. I am always interested in the feedback of the people that engage with my content. Good or bad, I want to know what you think of it. I may not create it specifically for you but it is designed to get you thinking. If that happens then please share your thoughts with me. There is a comment section on each article and video, please feel free to tell me what you think, good or bad. I am extremely interested in your opinion.

Goodbye for now

Ok, well that’s enough. If you have read this far then I’ll say “Thank You” one more time and then send you on your way. It really is an honor to have you by my side and I am looking forward to whatever comes next. Until then…

My sincerest regards to all of you,






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