“There is going to be a new way to pimp people, and you and I have no clue what the ramifications of that are!”

Kyle Cross

Why the F**K do we cuss so much?

RayDO podcasts are completely uncensored conversations between myself and the people I interact with on a regular basis. My friends, business associates, artists, entrepreneurs etc. The people I think are going to help me change the world. I realize that sometimes our language might get out of line and we are testing this to see how you respond so please let us know what you think in the comments. Are we too vulgar? Do we use too much profanity? Please let us know what you think in the comments section at the end of the article.

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Meet MetroViking

If you do not know Kyle Cross… you are probably missing out. Do it now or continue exiting at your own peril.

Am I a journalist?

I hate the thought of being defined as a journalist, and I am definitely not unbiased so where does that leave me? I do not pretend that I can present news free of opinion, I just happen to think my opinion is pretty freaking easy for most people to get behind.

I do push people to discover the world for themselves and know who they really are on the inside but I also like breaking news and telling amazing stories. I understand how it could become a power that people would covet and I start to understand how the massive media empires might have found their way to where they are now.

The cool part of this medium is that you can help me get the story right. More often than not these stories become conversations among you and your friends. Most of the time I am jet trying to get the ball rolling and the conversations we share are the result of those sparks of thought.

My take-away from my time in the insurance industry

My time in insurance and how learning the back-end of insurance was getting to explore the inside of so many different industries. The complications of the sale, the size of the sale, the underwriting, the complexities of the relationships with multiple members of an organizations. Getting to see the inside of so many businesses gave me an early opportunity to learn from multiple businesses at a time while still standing on the outside looking in.

I also learned and developed the ability to understand and execute an intricate sales process. Insurance is a complex sale so I got to learn early on how to build meaningful, short term relationships in order to navigate the entire underwriting process. This was really a huge step in my developmental process because it allowed me to get a diverse understanding of a number of industries while trying to solve the same problem for all of them. It was really the first time I sold anything focused around an intangible item and that is a completely different sales than something the consumer might be excited to buy or an item with tangible value.

Why do I need to punch your clock

With the development of the Results only work environment we are finding that the corporate mentality is being broken and supplanted with another system of productivity. A system focused solely on the results of your work and not the monitoring of your efforts. Who cares if I can be more efficient than you? Who cares if it takes me longer than the next guy to do the work. I say pay me for the task at hand and forget about everything else. Pay me for the results I produce and forget about the rest.

Is this all a pipe dream? Can a work environment like that actually infect the current corporate climate? Can we bee freed from the time clock as a society? I have a feeling this is not the last we will be talking about this topic on Raymmar.com.

We are the future of search engine optimization

The progression of search engine optimization is shifting quickly. Having someone who can navigate the worlds of search engine results is very important and will become more so moving forward. As I build my audience I bring credibility any time I interact with you or your brand online.

When I mention people, products and services, they have the potential to take over the first page of search results pages. When I guest blog on your site you instantly get a bump because my name has authority through Google.

Believe it or not Google+ is going to become relevant in your online world. It will become your customized face for the internet. They will continue to force it upon you as they find a way to integrate with every piece of your life. That being said, content and authorship credits are now more important than ever and who is writing for your website is very important.

This is another concept that deserves to be dived into deeper and we will have more on these concepts coming up on the show shortly. Please subscribe and grab us on Stitcher to make sure you don’t miss a thing.

The tools I use to build my website

I am working on a detailed post on how to use these tools in more detail but for right now I wanted to let you know the tools I use to build and maintain my website. For less than $100 you can start building a website like mine.

WordPress theme: Lots of people ask me what theme I use for my website. So here it is. It is called the Enfold theme and it is absolutely awesome for the codaphobes like me.

WordPress: If you want to use a WordPress theme then you definitely need to be using WordPress so be sure and check that out.

Computers: The new official language of life

you can be completely self sufficient on your own with these little bits of technology at our fingertips. With the power of computer broadcasting anyone, anywhere can just turn on their own beacon and build a following. The problem is that in order to do this you must learn to speak computer. More and more this is fading away though and eventually we will all speak computer. Computers and human thought will eventually become one.

As we become more and more dependent on technology we open ourselves up to new opportunities at exploration of not only our world, but our brains. Very interesting concept and one that we will definitely be discussing more on future shows.

Are we losing touch through technology?

Because of this technological revolution, it will be more important than anything to have someone helping you navigate this online journey. Moving forward, a creative strategist will be as important to the success of your business as an accountant, lawyer, banker or any other aspect of your business that you currently rely on others to manage for you.

Do not diminish the value of the creative strategist as he is part sales executive, part psychologist, part marketing manager, architect of ideas and director of operations. We are the navigators of technology in a sea of information. We live in a time where information is created faster than it can even be processed. We cannot even keep up with it, how would you expect to?

You may not even understand the concept yet but competition online is coming for you and you may not even know about it so as a creative strategist we need to know design, web development, search engine optimization and more. We need to be fluent in technology and engineering and that is a tall tale for today’s business owner so it is becoming more and more specialized. 

The companies who learn how to keep up will write the future of American economics. The rest will get left-out.

The misguided marketer

so many people claim to be marketers, designers, viral online monsters but then you look around and see that they are not really doing anything exciting. People with an idea for how you should build your online presence while not having built anything themselves.

How can you claim to know anything if you can not produce the results on your own? Are you only capable of producing as part of a team? Are you not able to execute your own initiatives? Why would I then want you on my team? I only want people who are capable of producing on their own. I will then take them and show them how to dominate as a team.

I often wonder if marketing agencies are great because of the products they represent or are the products they represent great because the of the people that sell them to us. Just think about that the next time you fall in love with some Nike advertising.

Regulate everything

Mechanisms for control. The government wants to get their hands on every part of your body. Smart grids that will allow them to regulate your environment, healthcare, retirement, and welfare is growing fast so soon we will see more than 50% of the voter base be supported by this government that has replaced religion, family and knowledge as the main support column for this crippled country.

Crippled by bureaucracy, crippled by regulation and stagnation of innovation due to a desire for indoctrination. The road we are on leaves us completely detached from any privacy and true expression of free speech. The political agenda and censorship through media.

We delve into these topics briefly but this is definitely something you can expect us to dive into deeper soon.

Next time with Kyle

We talk about the power of being able to manipulate images. being able to augment reality by overlaying digital interfaces for life that will eventually become wearable devices and later be implanted permanently. We are not far from a time where humans are able to plug into a machine and that is definitely not a discussion you want to miss.



5 replies
  1. Patrick Whitney
    Patrick Whitney says:

    A foul word once in a while, when properly placed, can make an positive impact, and it can get a point across. But when someone uses foul language as a normal part of their vocabulary, all it does is make them seem lazy (in regard to their use of the english language or whatever language that person is using).

    Remember, this is just my opinion. And yes, I have been known to use foul language on occasion (mostly to make a point or hit it home). The rare times when I get upset… they do bring out my baser language usage.

    • Raymmar Tirado
      Raymmar Tirado says:


      I struggle with this myself and actually got a little ass kicking from my mom about it. We are testing the format of the show. We are playing with length, language and all of it and they are getting better. This is all new for me and it is all really just a big learning curve.

      I understand your point about the diversity of vocabulary and I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts. We are trying to reach a particular demographic, and this is a particularly new channel for me but I’m trying to get better at it fast. Thanks again and I hope you will check back down the road and see what we are up to.


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