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Online Shopping Vs Total Consumer Spending

June 3, 2018/by Raymmar

Write Again

Publishing those thoughts is like emptying the recycling bin so that I can free up space in my mental hard drive. Something which has not happened recently, which might explain my desire to simply write again.
May 22, 2018/by Raymmar

Restoring Trust in Media

How do we restore trust in not only the media, but in the process of exchanging reliable information on a mass scale without perverting the message or quality of content along the way?
May 21, 2018/by Raymmar

21st Century Censorship

Explore a photo gallery of a recent photo shoot with Little Skull Photography here in Sarasota themed around the idea of censorship and blind faith.
April 30, 2018/by Raymmar
Looking at Raymmar from behind the camera

Featured Videos

March 31, 2018/by Raymmar

WordCamp Miami 2018 with Matt Mullenweg [New Videos]

Explore a video overview of WordCamp Miami 2018 and get insights about the future of WordPress from founder Matt Mullenweg as well as industry experts Syed Balkhi and Chris Lema
March 18, 2018/by Raymmar

Shaping the Future of Sarasota

What happens in the next few years will determine whether Sarasota becomes another ho-hum Florida coastal community for retirees or the kind of world-class city that it was always intended to be.
March 2, 2018/by Raymmar


Everything you need to know about Raymmar Tirado. Learn more about why I do the things I do and what I am trying to accomplish at
December 13, 2017/by Raymmar


Explore my unique perspectives on business, life, love, and liberty. Welcome to the online mind of Raymmar Tirado.
December 13, 2017/by Raymmar


Learn more about our various projects and learn more about how we're empowering online content creators.
December 13, 2017/by Raymmar

Meet our new publishing platform

Learn more about (ray-d-o) our new social publishing platform.
December 8, 2017/by Raymmar

Introducing Atmosphere

Your personalized filter for the internet.
December 8, 2017/by Raymmar

Welcome to ray-d-o

Let me show you how to build a profitable online media company around your digital content.
December 8, 2017/by Raymmar

My coverage of the Sarasota Bayfront redevelopment process

The city of Sarasota is currently considering redeveloping 42 acres of city owned Bayfront property and I'm gonna give you a front row seat to the whole thing.
October 5, 2017/by Raymmar

We Survived Hurricane Irma

We survived Irma. And by that I mean Mother Nature took it easy on us. Here is a short video we made to remember the experience.  
September 11, 2017/by Raymmar

At The Mercy of My Income

For those dreaming about doing something bigger with their lives but keep finding financial hurdles along the way, this one is for you.
June 9, 2017/by Raymmar

The Choice We Face [video]

New media is driving a fundamental shift in how we communicate at scale, and we will soon have to make a choice about how to move forward as a society.
April 20, 2017/by Raymmar

You Disgust Me

A introspective post about people who walk around looking at the world through their own narrow ideological blinders.
March 29, 2017/by Raymmar

Educational Resources for Digital Marketers

I am working on a curriculum for a digital marketing course. This is a public test ground for my notes and other content related to that project.
January 23, 2017/by Raymmar

My Experience as a Mentor at #SRQHacks in Sarasota

I found myself standing in front of an eager group of students and mentors, none of which I had ever met before. Let the hacking begin...
October 28, 2016/by Raymmar

How To Build A WordPress Website In About An Hour

Learn how to install and configuring a custom theme, install plugins, build pages, create menus, and make your first blog post.
August 3, 2016/by Raymmar

WPCampus Showcases Growth of WordPress Community

The first annual WP Campus was focused on WordPress in higher education, but also showed off the power of digital communities, and the growth of the WordPress platform as a whole.
July 26, 2016/by Raymmar

Privacy Policy

This post outlines our privacy policy for and web services.
July 6, 2016/by Raymmar

Religious Hypocrisy – The Slippery Slope of Sexuality

This video explores the dangers of religious hate speech in the wake of the recent mass shooting in Orlando Florida.
June 12, 2016/by Raymmar
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