You Disgust Me

You disgust me.

You who claim to fight for freedom and equality while using humiliation and defamation as your weapons of choice.

You who hide behind ideology as opposed to objective realities.

You who seek to attack others for their beliefs, while begging acceptance of your own.

You who seeks to be understood, but rarely take time to understand.

You make me sick.

You who fight for tolerance and reject those who do not see the world as you do.

You who fight for protection from bullies while bullying others yourself.

You who claim love as a defense, yet seeks to destroy others with hate.

You who perpetuates the problem while calling it a solution, slowing down society and calling it progress.

You who define everything America was supposed to defend against.

You are the problem.

You are the sore which makes us uncomfortable when we sit.

You are the reason we are divided as a nation.

And the worst part is… you will never see it.