“We will gather as one big monster of mediocrity, only to have our heads chopped off with one swift blow.”

This video is based loosely on a speach given by Ellsworth Toohey, in “The Fountainhead“, a novel by Ayn Rand.

After reading the book I thought the message in this speech was too important to not tell. It seemed so fitting with everything that is going on in America right now.

Ellsworth was revealing to one of the other major characters the strategy behind his efforts to control society up to this point. As I read it I saw close parallels between what he was saying and what is going on all around us.

I definitely recommend everyone read that book. Now.

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A special thanks to Rick Lucas for helping me film this video.

The Video Script

First, you must destroy the soul!

Don’t do it with whips and shackles, that’s why Caesar, Attillas & Napoleon never had a chance.

You must break the individual spirit but not with a vicious beating.

You must drive a wedge into man’s soul, grab it with a clenched fist and shake them from the inside out and when the spirit is finally broken, he will bring you the whip and ask you to beat him with it.

You must use man against himself.

You must make him feel small and insignificant.

Make him feel guilty.

Kill his aspirations and remove all of his hope.

Kill man’s sense of value.

Kill his capacity to recognize or achieve greatness.

Great men cannot be ruled so in order to destroy a country you must remove the path for people to become great.

You must make mediocrity the median method for measuring success.

You have to distract the masses with entertainment and propaganda disguised as education.

Bread and circus for everyone! That part the Roman’s had right.

You have to make everything evil.

Sex, Drugs, Love, Money, Wealth, businesses, Property… make them all evil.

Just prove that any “thing” makes man happy is evil and you are well on your way.

Deny a man anything that makes him happy because a happy man is self-contained and self-sufficient.

Destroy the entrepreneurial spirit, control a man’s diet, healthcare, and infiltrate all the means of production.

Convince them instead that everything is bad; that the quest for individual desires is in and of itself evil.

Make all men dependent on a massive government and replace the idea of religion with a full fledged faith in a system of laws that only apply as the people who make them see fit.

Convince them that they are working towards universal harmony and that they should sacrifice for the greater good of humanity.

Drive them to sacrifice and then stand there to collect the sacrifices.

Ask people to serve and then convince them that you are the one who should be served.

Enslave man to societal standards that can never be met and when they realize that the bar can never be reached they will give in and shackle themselves.

Destroy the man who tells you to be happy, the man that tells you to push yourself to be great and demands nothing but your best.

He wants nothing from you other than what you want from yourself, but a man like this must be destroyed.

A man like this stands in the way of the agenda and must therefore be vilified and silenced.

He will be labeled a selfish monster and an arrogant asshole. He must be destroyed so that the powerful can keep their power and the wealthy can keep their wealth.

He must be silenced and the door closed behind him so that no one else may enter behind him.

You must continue to blindly follow the masses and lose yourself in the mob. You must become a conspirator in the most heinous of crimes.

Unwilling to search for happiness or push yourself for the fear of being silenced. For the fear of standing out and being squashed.

You know I am speaking the truth, you see it all around you, yet you continue to move forward as if immune to the impact of all of it, as if America were immune to the same strategies that have collapsed every empire that came before it.

Unable to understand that these things are all intentional methods of mass manipulation.

Don’t get mad at me. I didn’t build it, I am simply the messenger. You are already a part of this system.

We all are.

We are complacent in creating a future of obedience and unity.

A world where the thoughts of each man are no longer their own.

Instead his thoughts will be an attempt to guess the thoughts of his neighbor who’s thoughts are the thoughts of his neighbor and so on.

A world where no individual desires will be pursued. Where all of your efforts will be to satisfy the the desires of your neighbor, who’s only thought is to satisfy the desires of his neighbor and so on.

A world in which all men serve all men so that in the end, no one is.

A world ruled not by judgement but by public opinion.

A world controlled by people who understand what makes men move forward. Those who know what makes you tick.

You sit there and let these things happen and therefore you deserve what you get

Because you do not rise up or get offended when you are reffered to as average. Because you let the world beat at your soul and do nothing to defend it.

You sit there with all the power in the world and do nothing. Wasting the greatest opportunity in all of human society by mastering the mundane.

You have become a slave and are forcing slavery on the rest of us as well.

Collectivism will be the death of us. The demise of this once great nation. We will gather as one massive monster of mediocrity, only to have our head chopped off with one swift blow.

So you want to destroy the country? Just keep doing what we are doing; don’t change a thing. I’mean we are doing a really good job at it so seriously, don’t change a thing.

Thanks to Edward Whay for the title ideation.

What did you think of the video? Leave your thoughts in the comments. 


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