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Invisible. Clearly.

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I look at the world with disgust
Not knowing who I can trust
Only to find, the reflection is mine
And that I am the problem, not us

Then I sit and I stare
As if my body were stuck in thin air
Like I’m losing my mind
While pulling my hair

Pretending to be strong
I’ve been hurting for so long
Why does it seem
Like I’m living my life so wrong

I Scream out for help
But no one can hear me
I reach out for help
And there’s nobody near me

They’ve all run away
Like the whole world should fear me
As if no one can see me
Invisible. Clearly.



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  1. yasmeen Tarek
    yasmeen Tarek says:

    Thats what im thinking of its not poetry but thats the closest i could get i judge people and don’t want them to judge me i blame everyone else for my mistakes i blame the world for my misery i pretend not to have a best friend when i tend to run away i complaine about my family when im the only one to blame i say that noone understands me when i never explain i sleep all day waiting for life to change i wait for opportunity when i dont even seek success i hate the world and its the time for that to change.

  2. Dominique Devereaux (@nique_devereaux)
    Dominique Devereaux (@nique_devereaux) says:

    That was beautifully well put and totally supports the idea you need to find what makes YOU happy! Whether you are right, wrong, good, bad or going to heaven. If you can look God in the face and say, “I’ve stumbled. I’ve fallen. I’ve rejected this gift you’ve given me cuz I saw it as a curse. I’ve begged you to bring me home knowing the Law of Life says, ‘I must complete the task I’ve come here to do.’ I understand for me that task is simply to forgive me as I know your unconditional love already has and longs for me to be free of my pain. I tell you now. I know why you made me who I am. Thank you.” everything else is meaningless and fake.

    Love u – choose LIFE!


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