A spoken word poem about the current state of our nation.

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I wanted to say a couple words about the current state of our nation.
It’s like every time I turn around, another level of frustration.

Inadequacy seems to be, the new definition of the word succeed.
From the economy to education, political correctness, the justification.

Republicans and democrats, Always fighting to get it right.
Because politicians want us to see, that they are smarter than you and me.

You and I? We’re supposed to be dumb.
Here, have some entertainment, now doesn’t that look fun!

But the truth is, that this has nothing to do with Washington, D.C.
And everything to do with you and me.

We watch in awe, as it all starts to fall.
And instead of walking forward, we all start to crawl.

Backwards in time.
Still trying to avoid the same social land mines.

Haters and racists.
Disorderly conduct on a regular basis.

A tool of the the trade as they try to persuade.
An ignorant public they constantly degrade.

Ignorance abounds.
Common sense? Nowhere to be found!
Take a deep breath
We’re all about to drown

About to go down, All just standing around
Watching as our souls are pounded into the ground

Our freedom?
No longer to be found!

So how can we expect to survive for much longer at this rate?
How can we be expect to thrive on this much hate?

How are we supposed to understand with all the lies in this debate?
How much time can go by before its too late?

How many more must die before its a sealed fate?
And how much more can we handle on this here plate?

You see this has to stop
From the bottom to the top, we must not delay

We must no longer let them make us feel this way
And we can’t let it go for even one more day

We must push to be better
We must not blindly follow the next trend setter

We must be slow to anger
And say hi to a stranger

We must learn and share
And become consciously aware

Connected as a country
Not lost in despair

Pretending the problems are only theirs
But there is here

And trouble is near
You see it’s almost time for us to face our fears

So its up to you, and it’s up to me
To reach out together, as a powerful we

So, I ask you my friend
What will it be?
Will you do nothing?
Or will you stand with me?