From 90’s porn to taking the world by storm.

This impromptu podcast will have you laughing, screaming and thinking about life like you have not done in a while. Explore your past and join us as we discuss some other experiences that are sure to hit close to home.

Remember trying to load pictures with a 56K modem? That is where it all starts out and then we dive into a host of issues including some insight into the darker thoughts inside my head, and how they help me look at the world differently.

I introduce parts of my sales theory in this podcast and talk about how everything in life is a sale. We discuss how I developed my sales skills, understanding how your upbringing can help shape the person you become and how looking at the world from multiple angles can really help you stand out.

We also delve into the way businesses track your every move inside their stores and the way you need to think about the information that these companies continually connect with you.

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