The Importance of Learning to Control Your Inner Killer

In this podcast we explore the power of a positive attitude and expose the human predisposition to being controlled as a species.

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As always, if you want to skip over the introduction, you can do so by jumping to the 1:40 mark. Just remember, a polar bear will be left stranded on an iceberg every time someone does this.

1:40 – The Power of Positivity

Pretending to be positive is a powerful way to impact the world around you.

Most sales people are trained in the art of pretending to be positive but it is something that we would all be well served to learn. People underestimate the impact that positive thought can have on the lives of the people around them. Especially if you can find a way to stay positive on a regular basis.

When you understand that we all have problems that we are dealing with and that complaining about your particular problems does nothing other than push the people around you away, then you can finally start to see the real power of positive thinking. Even if you struggle with the execution early on.

Now, I am not talking about stupid, overbearing, goofy-faced pretending. I am talking about genuinely believing that things in your life are good and will get better. Start believing it or others will see it for exactly what it is. Fake.

The truth about happiness – Read the full article

3:09 – The slave mentality

Humans have delegated their entire existence to external controls. Everything outside of entertainment and the facade of education that is. We have given up on trying to understand the world around us and how it really works and instead accept whatever the popular belief is, regardless of how easy the truth might actually be to access.

We have given ultimate control of our lives to the government and we have become slaves to our elected leaders and the corporations that place them.

We are slaves to our lives, jobs, debt, drugs and on and on.

The perversions of our attitudes and over all psyches have been so completely corrupted, that we are actually satisfied in our slavery. The lack of individual accountability has put is in a precarious place as a population and the uninformed masses that make up the membership of that new majority are dragging us all towards mediocrity.


“The world is a very dangerous place. Not because bad people do bad things, but because most people do nothing.” – Albert Einstein –

5:50 – It’s a cancer really

The distractions have been purposeful and direct. What we are watching sprout up around us, is the fruit of more than a hundred years of hard labor. The culmination of closet communism in America. Something that the whole world seems to be running from, while we  (America) run towards it with open arms.

The good news is that people are waking up to the truth. Every day people like you are listening to podcasts like these and reading articles like these to learn more about what is really going on in this country.

I think more people need to be reading and exploring the history our founding, where we came from and where we are going. Understand the ultimate fallibility of man and the inherent nature of large societies to self destruct. It has happened over and over again throughout history, yet we continue to accept it as if everything were ok.

8:10 – How to claim your superpower

Becoming bulletproof is important to finding your place in the world. Learn how to be comfortable in your own skin by finding beauty in your individual flaws. So many of us are worried about what is going on in the world of others more than worrying about our own world as a whole.

How to claim your super power Read the full article

A community of support

None of this is going to be easy. It is up to you to apply and execute these ideas as they apply to your particular place in life. If you want to dig deeper and join the conversation then register as an early adopter and then join us in the forums.

10:18 –  It’s not always easy

It is important to understand how powerful a shift you can make in your own life (as well as the life of others) by allowing yourself to commit completely to making these changes. To convince yourself that you are actually able to do it.

You may have to fake it before you make it early on, but I promise that over the time, you will love the new, freer, you. The people around you will love you more too. They will actually be able to see you. Maybe even for the first time.

12:05 – Let’s not pretend that pretending is always enough

Just pretending to be positive is not going to cut it.

Some days you may have to go to war with yourself, all on your own. Depression and self imposed hurdles are real, and pretending to be happy is never enough. Eventually you have to buy into the idea of actually finding fulfillment in whatever it is you are trying to do and let it consume you from the inside out.

13:45 – What if money didn’t matter?

What if we just give everyone a million bucks? Think about it.  It would cost pennies on the dollar compared to the level of debt we are burying ourselves under as a society and it would instantly free us all of the constraints of our current monetary monopoly. Or would it?

You might think that by giving everyone a million dollars, you’d make everyone rich, but what it would really do is expose the trivial nature of the mirage we call money. Imagine how devalued the dollar would become if all of a sudden, it was all actually spendable, by you and I, the average person.

Flooding the market with that much cash would expose the nature of our monopoly money. It would make the entire system instantly irrelevant. It just goes to show how perverted everything about our monetary system actually is, and why it is important that the average American do a better job of understanding the monetary policy that has enslaved us all so effectively.

15:50 – A cure for depression?

Disclaimer: I am not a psychiatrist and you should not take my thoughts as mental health advice. I am only offering my perspective, insights and personal points of view that has helped me cope with my depression personally. 

Acknowledging the dark thoughts and exploring the evil nature of your negative emotions is an important step in your development as enlightened individuals. You have to explore the boundaries of your positive and negative thoughts, if only in your own head, in order to understand the limits of what someone else might do without your level of control.

You have to learn that those dark thoughts and the crazy voices in your head are just other parts of you.You must learn to embrace and control them, just as you control any other part of your emotional interactions in life.

Depression can make that difficult but these theories can help. Take it from a guy who has struggled with depression his whole life. These tips may not cure your depression but they can definitely help you understand and manage it.

You also have to understand that these emotions do not define you. You can have these thoughts and know that they are not in control of your actions. Exploring these thoughts in depth is really the same as exploring the other thoughts and desires for knowledge that you might have through life. All a part of the insatiable curiosity I try to inspire with the content on this website.

18:20 – Solving problems like a psychopath

Embracing these thoughts and learning to use them as pieces of the bigger puzzle that is your life, can really help set yourself free. Many powerful professionals and personalities have characteristics that are common among psychopaths.

Buy the book – The Wisdom of Psychopaths

Knowing and understanding those boundaries will allow you to understand that there is real evil in this world. An understanding that can lead you to strength and eventual mastery of the thoughts in your head.

20:00 – Are you even capable of succeeding

So many times we are responsible for holding ourselves back. While the whole world is waking up to the idea of mass slavery, America (the one place on earth where people actually found freedom) is succumbing to a type of soft-tyrannical control.

21:10 – Getting fucked

It is your responsibility in life to not get fucked.

Not that I am excusing the people who are doing the fucking, but it is ultimately your responsibility to provide yourself with an adequate defense against all of the fuckery in this world.

Each of us enjoys a certain level of chaos, so it is natural for us to find comfort inside of a certain level of it, but more often than not, you are the very reason why you will never do anything amazing with your life.

23:50 – Why you should think about robbing a bank

Seeing the world from the perspective of a master criminal allows you to see all the angles.

When you allow yourself to see the world as if you were trying to rob it blind, then you can see where all of it’s weaknesses are masterfully hidden.

This is the same reason hackers are important to website security and why master criminals make great informants. They are uniquely qualified to exploit the flaws of whatever system they are tasked to sabotage, and then find creative ways to fix them. This is the very approach I propose  for solving problems in life. It is the reason for this podcast and a large  reason behind much of what I do.

I think the average person walks around this world completely clueless to what is going on and I plan on doing all I can to reverse that trend.


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  1. Pierre
    Pierre says:

    “Flooding the market with that much cash would expose the nature of our monopoly money. It would make the entire system instantly irrelevant.”

    What do you mean?
    If *everyone* gets 1 million dollar, in addition to what they have, it should dilute its value for everyone and in effect, do nothing.

    I see it like having 7 billions of bucket of water with different levels, and adding 1 gallon to every one of them. The fullest remain the fullest (richest) and the emptiest remain the emptiest (poorest). But now, it costs $1M to buy a sandwich, and you can’t buy anything with a lower amount. The poor keep being poor.

    • Raymmar Tirado
      Raymmar Tirado says:

      Well, your analogy is a little skewed and Ill tell you why.

      If you flooded the market with that much cash (at least on an individual level since that much money is already floating around in the system) you would devalue the price of all goods.

      People would quit working so companies would fail. Products would cease to be made and the money that we all now have would quickly lose its purchasing power. Sure, there would be an initial spike and all would appear well at first but soon we would discover that these little 1 & 0 are not actually worth anything because we no longer produce anything of value. They are not backed by anything of substance so the overall value of those dollars would decrease.

      Now, since there are tens of trillions of dollars in the money supply already, a move like this might not change much but it was just a way to point out that the only value in money is its perceived value and when people stop perceiving it as valuable then it will cease to have any real value.

  2. Pierre
    Pierre says:

    I feel some truth in this sentence too.

    I think there may be lots of reason to that:
    – they identified the issue but have no solution, or lack expertise
    – they’re powerless: some issues are complex and require powerful government agencies / NGOs
    – they feel powerless: they should be able to make changes, but they lost faith in government / democracy
    – they know/think that things will go back as they were before
    – they’re inconfident / are afraid of failure
    – they’re selfish
    – they’re lazy
    – all of the above

    I guess most of the reasons why people procrastinate apply here.

    • Raymmar Tirado
      Raymmar Tirado says:

      I am not sure which line you are talking about although I agree with the main premise of your point.

      However, these are not acceptable excuses and just because they are doesn’t mean thy should be. I think that this goes to the larger point of what I am trying to do. I am trying to show people that one man can make a difference, if only a small one and that the excuses we put forth for not being able to do anything important with our lives are just that, excuses.

      I am the king of procrastination but I am effective in what I do. I know how and when I can procrastinate and when I need to apply myself fully. Many people are just ok with being ok though and to me that is not cool. To me everyone should aspire to something more, even if it is a small something.

      We all need a dream or a vision to follow and this is one thing we do not do a good job of teaching people. Instead we tell them to subsist and survive. Succumb and submit to societal norms and keep your mouth shut. I hate that and I will fight with every breath I have to change that standard!

      Thanks for your thoughts and for reading mine.

      • Pierre
        Pierre says:

        I’m pretty sure I hit Reply under the comment which starts with “I think the average person walks around this world completely clueless to what is going on and I plan on doing all I can to reverse that trend.”. I must have messed up.

        I agree that all of these may not be valid excuses. But in order to carry on something as ambitious as changing (most) people, I believe one has to go under their skin (not literally as the title suggests).

        So the first step could be to point out why X and Y excuses are just excuses, and what to do instead.

        Your point about keeping improving is interesting. It makes me think of capitalism. Maybe the people who are against capitalism also have an issue with having a pressure to change (even if it’s in a good way). I bring this because I’ve read another article about that on your site.

        You’re inspirational, keep going :)

      • Raymmar
        Raymmar says:

        Thank you for the compliments and for exploring deeper. There is much to learn in the pages of this site. Mostly regurgitation and interpretations of the things I have read and learned along my path to becoming whatever it is I am on my way to becoming.

        The commenting on the site and some of the interactive features are being worked on so thank you for bearing with us.

        Yes, my goal is to get inside of peoples heads and help them understand some of these complex issues. I am trying to take things that are boring by their very nature and make them interesting so that people can understand and then make their own decisions.

        Thanks again and I have no plans on stopping. Much love and come back soon and often. There is always new stuff going up on the site.

  3. Grace Durbin
    Grace Durbin says:

    “I think the average person walks around this world completely clueless to what is going on and I plan on doing all I can to reverse that trend.” (You, Stella.)

    I agree. 100%.

    I also think that the average person walks around knowing what is going on around them in the world, just intentionally choosing to pretend to be naive to it.

    Quite frankly, I’m not sure which is worse.

    Ignorance, I can justify, even accept . . . a little.

    But knowing the facts and the problem, yet doing nothing to help form its solution . . .

    Well, there is much to be said in that!

    I’ll take crazy any day of the week!

    • Raymmar Tirado
      Raymmar Tirado says:

      Ha, I agree. Most people know that something is not right but I think most people are not interested in looking into precisely what is wrong. They just think it is not important for them because it does not affect them directly.

      But if I have anything to say about it, we re going to make them want to know. We are going to make it interesting to care.

      But as always, thanks for the love and thanks for helping me spread the word as much as you do!

  4. aalopez33
    aalopez33 says:

    Having been in sales, I can attest to knowing a great many people that
    exhibit these qualities. And let me tell you, almost invariably, they
    are highly successful, or on their way to being so.

    I’ve written
    this piece here:

    goes one step further. While I agree that these “dark qualities” lend
    themselves to professional success, I also argue that in some ways, they
    lend themselves to high spiritual development. The psychopath’s ability
    to be in the present moment, and be mindful, shares a lot with the

    • Raymmar Tirado
      Raymmar Tirado says:

      Nice article. Not sure if you noticed it but there was a link to the same book (The wisdom of psychopaths ) in my article. It was amazing when I started reading and understanding those thoughts.

      I was instantly intrigued because I was always ashamed of myself for thinking those things. For having those evil thoughts.

      The truth is that understanding those thoughts allowed me understand myself better than I could ever imagine. Understanding those dark parts of my true self, really allowed me to understand who I was in more detail. Who I was as a whole.

      Most people ignore those thoughts and end up missing out on knowing a very important part of not only knowing themselves, but from understanding how the world really works on a larger scale. If they are not willing to admit that they have a dark side then how could they ever understand that someone might let that dark side consume them?

      I think too few people spend time exploring their consciousness. Self, inner and other consciousness. We are so worried about the world that we have lost sight of ourselves. We have given up control of our own interactions and that ignorance will be the death of us.

      • aalopez33
        aalopez33 says:

        Hey Ray, I did notice that. I actually think that’s a great book, and I’ve written to Mr. Dutton before. I think you and I have had very similar experiences. Most of my life I was aware that I was different in a way that I just couldn’t discern. I could only tell by people’s reaction to me. I think we all have a dark side that’s part of our constitution. Of course, we’re bombarded from birth to be on the side of the “good,” whatever that means to people. But I’ve always been drawn to Jung’s ideas on this (the fact that you posted that meme is awesome! Have you read his Memories, Dreams, and Reflections? It’s very possible that Jung himself was a psychopath, and his story as to how he discovered what he calls “The Shadow” is phenomenal).

        It’s funny. I discovered your work through “7 Reasons…” and I read it with great gusto. I then shared it with equal enthusiasm on my social media sites, and got 0 response from people. I laughed. I’m sure that happens to you as well. You come across something, or have an idea that you think is brilliant. Then you share it, and people look at you like you’re from space. I find it amusing now, but I’ve learned to both accept myself, dare I say, even love myself for who and what I am. After all, much of it was out of my control, and why should I be divided within myself? That’s how everyone else is. Keep up the great work Ray, it’s sobering to hear a voice like yours today.


      • Raymmar Tirado
        Raymmar Tirado says:

        Well, I appreciate that you have come back for a second dose and maybe more of the craziness that is me.

        I think there are many of us out there who see the world the same way and understand what is really going on. I think many others are starting to come aware. I have to think so. Simply because of the response to that article and so many others I have written along the way.

        Each an individual observation of the world around me. Each a unique piece of consumable art. Who says art should be stared at? I think art should consume you and what better way is there of consuming another soul then by getting them to read your words and listen to your thoughts.

        What a powerful superpower it is!

      • aalopez33
        aalopez33 says:

        Craziness is subjective. You seem pretty sensible to me haha. I agree with the power of art to consume. In fact, in the original Greek, the word ‘enthusiasm’ literally means to be possessed by a god. Words can indeed be transformative.

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