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Master the A.R.T. of Online Sales in 3 Simple Steps

A.R.T. = Attract. Retain. Transcend Sales & Marketing as an ART? That’s SMART! In this article I’ll walk you through the basics of inbound marketing while explaining a few keys principles that will help you take full advantage of your online sales and marketing efforts. Let’s Get Started The process of attracting an audience online […]


13 YouTube Channels That Will Make You Instantly Smarter

I think it’s safe to assume that YouTube is here to stay as a major player in the world of new-media. They are already giving the major cable TV networks a run for their money when it comes to advertising revenue. And over the next few years, they will continue to disrupt a market that for so long has been the sole domain […]


Proof That Facebook is Fucking With Us Again

Facebook is constantly throttling my posts, restricting my content and otherwise censoring my posts. I just wanted to start documenting it and pointing out every time that it happens. Feel free to share your comments or experiences below and if you want to upload and share a screen capture I will be happy to add […]

RayDO #33: On Starting A Startup. #HomelessInParadise.

In this episode of RayDO, Raymmar is joined by Bryan Saxon and Joel Fenton, co-founders of FeedMe app for iPhone which is currently in early development. In this Episode: We discuss the decision to become your own boss and the process of going out and starting your own company. We try to decide what defines […]


What’s Wrong With Our Government In Under 100 Words

Our government is like a fat, rich, spoiled child, who has never been told no. Propped up on an oversized throne; Under armed guard, in a gun free zone. Feasting on a buffet of corporate interest, drunk on free money and fucking every warm hole he can find. Mom’s too busy getting high to notice that the house is on fire […]

What Did Florida’s CFO Jeff Atwater Have To Say To a Group Of Young Republicans In Sarasota?

A few of Sarasota’s most active Young Republicans got together over dinner for an impromptu question and answer session with Florida’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Jeff Atwater. Oh, and I asked him what he thought about the potential increase in revenue that might result from the legalization of medical marijuana. Meet The Conservative Hippie – […]


No Longer Free

A short poem about the American mindset and the peril we face as we cling to what is left of our individual freedoms. #AskHardQuestions Go to school, get a job Buy a car, then get married Pile up debt, Wear the facade Don’t look up, ‘til you’re buried Get lost in the mob Treat the […]


Global Reset – The Road to World War III

I stumbled onto the CommonGround website and spent some time reading and listening to what they had to say. They are a non partisan group promoting a peaceful but aware revolution. One that starts with ideas but is backed by the understanding of power and the use of force if necessary. From their website: Very […]


Understanding Power: Why Being Stupid Is In Style

A harsh look at the ignorance that affects our society as a whole, and an explanation for why the powerful have no problem keeping you in the dark. “The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum….” ― Noam […]

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Together Alone

I am working on a video for this poem but I decided to share the audio now instead of waiting a few months or however long it takes to produce the video. The concept is relevant considering our social situation and well, I’m also kind of impatient like that. I am interested in creative collaborations, […]