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A History of Social Media & The Future of Politics

The purpose of this article is to explain the social media adoption curve, the growth of the internet as a whole, and to help you understand how it will all affect the American political machine moving forward. A Brief History of Social Media Social media is a broad term. Social media websites are quickly becoming the communication hubs […]


The Truth About Happiness

Happiness is not what you think it is.  Dave Myers takes you soaring adventure, talks with Raymmar about finding happiness and explains how to maintain a positive attitude in life. You may think you know happy because you have a good job, live a healthy life and have a few friends but guess what… It could all be gone […]

Computers: The New Official Language Of Life [podcast]

“There is going to be a new way to pimp people, and you and I have no clue what the ramifications of that are!” Kyle Cross Why the F**K do we cuss so much? RayDO podcasts are completely uncensored conversations between myself and the people I interact with on a regular basis. My friends, business […]


Raymmar.com Gets A Face-lift

I did it all for you… So take some time and explore the new site or I will send cyborg chipmunks to chew off your toes. But seriously… Over the last few months we have seen some explosive growth on Raymmar.com and I have been trying to make it easier for people to find the […]

Merzmerized – Take Your brain To The Mind-Spa [podcast]

 Rebecca Merz takes us on a journey through conscious exploration with and without drugs Disclaimer: In this episode of RayDO Uncensored, we cover topics ranging from mental health disorders to psychedelic drug use. While I do not condone excessive recreational drug use, I do have a unique perspective on some drugs and their power to heal […]

How to Become A VP of Sales [podcast]

“You are doing sales wrong!” Highlight any text in this article to Tweet it or share on Facebook. It took some time to get him warmed up… But Brian has a good mind for sales and helps me discuss and explain some major sales concepts and how they relate to life. We briefly mention his […]


Why All Conservatives Are Actually Pro-Choice

“Oh no he didn’t…” “Oh yes I did!” Let’s start with a question: How many ways are there to make a baby? Naturally that is. I say naturally, because I am assuming someone who is getting artificially inseminated is probably not making an abortion decision so lets presume I am also using common sense for […]

Chris Brown Bears All [Podcast]

I Get Down With Chris Brown… No, not that Chris Brown, dork… this is Raymmar.com after all, not some Entertainment News Nonsense. Sarasota socialite and party personality, Chris Brown spends about an hour talking to Raymmar about the Sarasota party scene, politics and a little bit of philosophy. Chris is not big into politics so […]

Sons Of Hippies Stole My Drugs [podcast]

Find us on Stitcher or snag us on iTunes for more convenient podcast experience. Sons Of Hippies Stole My Drugs… Is the message that sits on the back of my Wacom tablet. Courtesy of David Daly and Sons of Hippies. He gave it to me after one of their performances last year. Since then I have become good friends […]


Do You Believe In Love At First Flight?

You Never Know Where A Friendly Gesture Might Lead You “This is my favorite part” I said sarcastically to the redhead in front of me as we grabbed our belts, shoes and other miscellaneous belongings from the trays that run through the x-ray scanners at the airport security check point. It was something I might […]

Welcome to Ray-D-O [Podcast]

Introducing RayDO – Pronounced Radio Rated R – for Raymmar I have been blogging on Raymmar.com for about a year now and the last 6 months have absolutely unreal. The site and my words have reached more than 2 million people over the last few months and I even got picked up by the Huffington […]

Raymmar on Radio Row – CPAC 2014

One of the main reasons I came to the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington DC was to test my mettle on radio row. As a member of the Big Dawg Music Mafia I was asked to come and be the host of their on air broadcast for the three days they are on air […]

The Day Before CPAC – Photo Gallery

Arrival – The Day Before CPAC We arrived in Washington DC this morning at about 11:00 am and took a Taxi to the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center. Site of the 2014 Conservative Political Action Conference. We wanted to get here a day early in order to explore the DC area and take in […]

CPAC Schedule of Events

Want to know more about CPAC and what we are doing this weekend? Here are some resources from the official CPAC Website. CPAC Official Website CPAC Schedule of Events Where is CPAC Thanks to everyone who has supported us on this adventure and I look forward to updating this section of the site regularly with […]