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United States of Failure – How To Collapse A Country

“We will gather as one big monster of mediocrity, only to have our heads chopped off with one swift blow.” This video is based loosely on a speach given by Ellsworth Toohey, in “The Fountainhead“, a novel by Ayn Rand. After reading the book I thought the message in this speech was too important to […]

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This Video From UpWorthy Exposes A Cobweb Of Communism In America

An expose on progressive politics in America Things Might Not Get A Lot Better… And Its Time We Talked About It. That was the headline they came up with on the UpWorthy homepage for this this video, produced on behalf of the Post Carbon Institute. It was produced in conjunction with New Society Publishers which is another openly progressive book publisher […]

Raymmar.com Crashes CPAC

Overview Raymmar.com was invited to travel to Washington DC and cover the Conservative Political Action Conference. This means I need to come up with some quick cash to help offset the expenses involved in pulling something like this off. As a small voice in a world of loud mouths we need your help to try and […]

Breaking News: Proposals For Sarasota Quay Property Leaked To Public

An inside source has leaked internal documents from the city that reveals alternative proposals for the Sarasota Quay property in downtown Sarasota. This article was originally published on Sarasota Day After reviewing the documents… we can only assume the six proposals are being seriously considered by the City Commission as viable options. And although the […]

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Why I Upgraded To Evernote Premium

A Brief Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Evernote however, I just felt strong enough about it to tell you that: “Evernote might just be the one app you didn’t know you couldn’t live without!”. Enough Ass Kissing; Let’s Get To It. Since May 2005, I have been journaling, writing, typing and documenting my thoughts, life-experiences and […]

9 Common Collaboration Mistakes That Could Cost You Big

The Collaborative Conundrum It seems like these days, everyone wants to collaborate. The problem with collaboration is that people often mistake it to mean that you are willing to work with them for free. They think that collaboration means you are going to set your ambitions aside in order to help them achieve their goal. […]

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The Night I Met Molly

My friends have been trying to introduce the two of us for a while now; I just haven’t been all that interested in meeting anyone new lately. I have never actually seen her but she has quite the reputation. I hear she is not much to look at, but they assure me we will get along fine, apparently we have a lot in common; we […]

How To Open A Stocking

This is how we do Christmas! Tirado’s have a knack for doing things a little different than most. Christmas is no exception. Merry Christmas from Raymmar.com 2013 How did you celebrate your Christmas? Let me know in the comments.

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The Evil Inside Me

I am a parasite, I live deep within you. I make it impossible for you to stay true. A cancer in your soul, no cure, no treatment! I feed on your peace and your moments of weakness. You call out for change but I know you don’t mean it; you beg me to stop but but I can’t […]

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Stuck In Love – The One That Got Away

Have you ever met someone who just gets you… understands you… completes you? Someone who, although you were in your darkest hour, made you feel like you were doing exactly what you were meant to do and being everything you were meant to be. A person who free’d your heart from the shackles of shame […]

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A Mostly factual account of the events that precipitated my move from Ohio to Florida. March, 2004 New Feature: Listen instead of read! You can still find the full text below but I know most people don’t really like to read so…. your welcome! Be sure to let me know what you think about this […]

Where’s All The “Collaboration”?

How collaboration usually works: Other Guy: “Oh hey, you are really good at that thing you do. Want to come sprinkle some of that awesomesauce over here so we can all be awesome together?” You: “Yes! Definitely. I’ve been working really hard for the last few years trying to be a boss and I’m not quite there yet. […]